About Us

JennyHi, I’m Jenny.

I started this website because people kept telling me that I was really good at choosing gifts for people! I’m nobody special, just a mother, wife and part time medical receptionist. I’ve always enjoyed giving gifts to people and I love it when the people I give things to seem to truly like what I’ve picked out for them.

I don’t think I have a particular talent, but I am a good listener, so I do tend to know my friends and family well enough to be able to think of special things that they might like. Also, as my husband would tell you, I probably spend far too much of my free time traipsing around shopping malls and scrolling through amazon looking for inspiration and ideas!

So now, the things that I have learnt over the years I can pass on to you through our handy gift giving guides. I’ve used lots of friends and family (experts in their fields and demographics) to help me put together these guides. Each one is chock full of ideas for gifts you could buy for your potential recipient.

I hope you enjoy looking through the guides and that you get some ideas and inspiration for the type of gift you might choose.

We’re going to keep adding gift guides so, if there’s something missing, it might be here soon. Alternatively, if you have a particular interest or fit a particular demographic and you think you’ve got some great ideas for a gift guide, we’d love to hear from you. Send your gift guide ideas/content to jenny@goodgiftsguide.com – we’d love to have your help in building the best ever gift giving ideas resource!

Happy Gift Giving!