Basketball Gift Ideas

Basketball Gift Ideas

If there’s a special person in your life who lives and breathes all things basketball, we’re here to help with our basketball gift ideas guide. Whether they’re a rookie, a pro player, or maybe just a huge NBA fan, our guide is packed full of ideas for basketball themed gifts.

If they’re a big fan, don’t forget tickets! Tickets to a game, or, if that’s not possible, the gift of time to watch a game on TV (maybe with a favorite snack or two!) will always be appreciated. For plenty more basketball gift ideas read on…

15 Great Gift Ideas For Your Basketball Loving Friend

Look like a pro! Turn up to the game with everything you need in this stylish Nike basketball backpack.

Get behind your team and snuggle up for the season with this supporter hoodie! Choose out of all 30 teams, perfect for every NBA fan.

Raise your game with this book that will improve your shooting, passing and dribbling in only 21 days. Sound too good to be true? Check it out and see what happens!

Be inspired by this inspiring poster – help to foster a growth mindset with inspiration and motivation from the great man himself – Michael Jordan.

For the basketball players, train like you play! Feel comfortable while you train to improve your game, with this “And One” training singlet.

The sun goes down, not a problem. Play all day and all night with this Glow City glow in the dark basketball.

Show the world where your loyalty lies with a Team USA James Harden jersey.

Extend your court and play inside as well, with a mini ring that can hang on your ceiling!

Turn everything into basketball with a mini ring that can sit over your laundry hamper – maybe now all the laundry will make it into the hamper instead of the floor!

Make packing up fun! A mini ring on your bin makes cleaning up fun and challenging!

Get creative! And make your own personalized jersey!

Support your team! With a stylish cap! Choose out of all 30 teams!

Take a step back into Kobe Bryant’s amazing career with his autobiography. Learn thousands of great tips and tricks from one of the best players ever!

Make sure your place looks as good as your game with a 3-piece canvas basketball print, now there can be no doubt that you are a basketball fan!

Be inspired to greatness with a sticker of a quote said by Lebron James.

There’s something for everyone, players or fans, in our basketball gift ideas guide. Whatever gift you choose, we know it’ll be a slam dunk! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Happy Gift Giving!


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