Gifts For Bakers

Gifts For Bakers

If there’s someone in your life who loves to bake, lucky you! No doubt you’ve been given ample opportunity to taste some offerings from their baking habit!

Of course you’ll want to foster and encourage their hobby – it’s a win-win situation for all!

So, what sort of gifts might you buy for the baker in your life? Check out our gifts for bakers guide below for heaps of fun baking themed gifts.

Best Gifts For Bakers

1.  Fun spatulas! Every baker no doubt already has dozens of spatulas in their baking arsenal, but these are just that bit more fun!

2.  An apron – it may seem cliched, and they may already have one, but apron’s really are quite useful in keeping your clothes clean in the kitchen. Aprons with pockets are even more useful, add a fun baking slogan and you’ve found yourself a winning gift for the baker in your life!

3.  If it’s bread your baker likes to bake – or maybe you’d like to encourage them to start(!) – a sourdough starter kit could be just the ticket!

4.  Cooling racks! Every good baker needs a good sturdy cooling rack to cool all those cookies, muffins and treats. These ones are recommended by America’s Test Kitchen so you know they’re the best, and you can even use them in the oven as a baking rack too!

5.  Baking trays. If they’re going to be baking you dozens of cookies, they’re going to need some decent cookie sheets or half sheet pans. These aluminum half sheet pans are very popular, but the new stainless steel ones look great too!

6.  If your baker is creative and artistic, a cake decorating set could be just the beginning of some magnificent creations! This one comes fully equipped with everything they might ever need to create and decorate cakes – it’s even got the cake pans!

7.  A cake turntable. Help your baker achieve perfect frosting and decorating every time by giving them a rotating cake turntable!

8.  Recipe books. Sure, all the recipes are available online nowadays, but sometimes it’s really nice to have a whole new collection of ideas and inspiration right at your fingertips within the pages of a book. Especially when it’s a book like one of these!

9.  On the flip side, a recipe journal where they can jot down and store their own recipes would be a really cool gift for a baker!

Or the slightly more disturbing:

10.  While hunting through recipe books your baker is going to want to enjoy a cup of coffee and what better way to enjoy their coffee than by drinking it out of their favorite new mug!

11.  Help your baking friend really look the part with these fabulous baking t shirts and merch!

12.  If you’re hankering for an apple pie, get your baker on the right track with a pie baking set.

13.  If you’re one of those strange people who prefer the edge of a brownie to the soft, moist middle (what can I say? I avoid the edges and corners of brownies but some people seem to like them!), you might like to give the baker in your life the famous Baker’s Edge brownie pan.

14.  Encourage your baking friend to spread the love by giving them some treat boxes to fill!

And some stickers!

15.  Protect your baking friend’s hands by getting them some fabulous baking mitts – no need for boring!

16.  If you really want to spoil that special baker in your life, a baking subscription box is sure to go down a treat! Check out some of the many options available here.

17.  But, if you really want to win the heart of the baker in your life, you can’t go past a KitchenAid stand mixer!

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for ideas for gifts for the baker in your life. And hopefully you’ll get to enjoy many home baked tasty treats in the future!

Happy Gift Giving!


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