Good Gifts For Actors

good gifts for actors

If you know someone who likes to ‘tread the boards’ or has a passion for acting, then this is the place to choose the perfect gift for them.

Whether you’re trying to inspire a budding actor and help them further their career or you’re just looking for a gift for a seasoned, more mature actor, our gift ideas list has got you covered.

There are plenty of occasions when you might need a gift for an actor – their birthday, Christmas and other holidays, as well as maybe a gift for opening night of their latest play or a gift to wrap up the season of a television show.

Whatever sort of actor you’ve got – young, old, budding career, seasoned performer, stage actor or film and TV star, we’ve got the best gift ideas for actors right here. Check it out now and find the perfect gift for the actor in your life.

Gift Ideas For Actors

There are so many acting and theater inspired t-shirts, there’s bound to be something to suit your favorite actor!


To buy someone a t-shirt you have to know, or guess, their size. Meanwhile a mug will fit everyone! And who doesn’t enjoy a morning cup of coffee from a funny, theatrical mug?

A portable warm up room they can hold in the palm of their hand while warming up their vocal cords without disturbing everyone else!

Makeup Bag

Unless they’re already elite and have their own makeup artist and/or entourage, every actor needs a makeup kit of some sort, these makeup bags just make it fun!

Turn them into the star that you know they are with this personalized actor gift.

If they don’t just love acting but also love and know everything about the film industry, then this is the game for them.

Every (film) actor aspires to getting their hands on one of these one day, maybe you can give them a little help and get them their very own Oscar right now!

If they’re just starting out in their acting journey and/or especially if they’re also interested in directing, a clapperboard can be lots of fun.

If the real version is too large or not necessary, maybe you could get them this mini version! This bin or badge can be pinned to their bag or jacket or just kept as a keepsake.

A working actor’s guide – a book to help your actor forge their way through this fun, but sometimes daunting career.

Or there’s this great book written by Jenna Fischer, star of The Office.


If it’s just a small, token gift you’re after, then an acting inspired keyring would make the perfect gift! Great for giving to fellow cast members on opening (or closing) night.

Who wouldn’t love a plaster with some added Shakespearean drama?

For their dressing room or their bedroom, this blanket is the perfect blanket for any actor.

Every star needs their own dressing room!

Help young, aspiring actors on their journey to fame and fortune with an Actor Life Journal.

This one can even be personalized with the actor’s birthstone to make a truly personal gift.

If your actor has a thing for musical theater, test out their knowledge with this musical theater card game.

If your actor needs to record themselves or does a lot of live streaming, this handy stand covers just about every eventuality – it will hold their phone, their laptop, microphone and has a light, it’s the perfect setup for self-videographers and Youtubers.

Perfect for storing every program and ticket stub of every show your actor has performed in.


You can’t go wrong with jewelry as a gift, and these earrings would be perfect for the actor in your life.

For when your actor needs some downtime.

For them to, you know, stick on things!

Help to keep them organized with an audition planner so they always know where they need to be and what they need to bring.

Have fun learning about how to become a broadway star with this cool board game.

Every good actor loves a murder mystery!

Help them make those home movies and vlogs more professional with this contraption to keep their smartphone steady while they film.

Improv is a great way to improve acting skills and this game makes it even more fun!

If they like a bit of Shakespeare, they’ll like this pen.

Perfect for downtime between sets, keep your actor serene and peaceful with a coloring book designed especially for actors.

Nothing tells your actor that they’ve made it like having their own director’s chair with their name printed on it!

If there’s one thing that all actors have to do, it’s memorize their lines. And this book helps them to do just that.

Let them do their makeup like a true star with a vanity mirror surrounded in lights.

If your actor has always wanted to see their name in lights, make it happen for them with this amazing, personalized gift.

There are plenty of ways to delight and inspire the actor in your life, but, the most important gift of all is to keep supporting them on their acting journey.

Whether that means taking them along to auditions or attending every play or show they are in, just know that these actions are the best gifts an actor can ever receive. But, if you want to actually hand them a present, then pick a gift from our great list of gift ideas for actors.

gifts for actors

Happy Gift Giving!



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