Good Gifts For Realtors

Good Gifts For Realtors

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for a realtor who has just helped you to purchase your dream home or sell the old one, or maybe your friend or loved one is a practising realtor, we have just the gift giving guide for you!

We’ve come up with a list of great gift ideas that any realtor would love to receive whether it be for birthday, Christmas, as a thank you or for any occasion. The real estate agent in your life is bound to appreciate any of these suggestions in our list of “Good Gifts For Realtors”.

Realtor Gift Ideas

1.  If it’s just a small, fun gift you’re looking for, you can’t go past a fun, real estate inspired coffee mug.
This large travel mug will hold plenty of coffee for when they’re out and about doing open houses and inspections.

Or, pick one of these coffee mugs for when they are back in the office or relaxing at home.

2.  Help them to keep organized with this handy “Padfolio” – it holds smartphone, iPad and all of their documents all together in one handy case.

3.  How about a T-shirt declaring their love for real estate? Probably not for office wear but it could be fun for when they’re off duty!

4.  What better way to show your appreciation than to buy them a house? Sure, it’s tiny, but that just makes it easier to take with you wherever you go!

They could use it on a charm bracelet, as a pendant on a necklace or on a key ring to keep all of those sets of keys together.

5.  For the busy agent who is always on the go, keeping their cell phone charged and ready to use is a necessity. Help them to stay prepared with a portable charger so they never miss a call or a deal.

6.  Or help to keep them connected with a bluetooth headset.

7.  If your realtor is someone who will do anything to help their vendors, including helping them to move furniture around to make the place look picture perfect, maybe a set of furniture shifting straps could be a handy addition to their real estate agent toolkit.

8.  Perfect for every busy estate agent who likes to look stylish and get the job done, why not get them some USB flash drive cufflinks?

9.  Every good realtor needs a really nice pen for signing all those contracts.

10.  Nothing says you’ve made it as a realtor like a doormat with your company name and website – perfect for all of those open houses.

11.  Give them a way to de-stress and relax with a coloring book designed especially for realtors.

12.  Or, if they really need to take their relaxation to the zen level, maybe a zen garden would make a good addition to their desk or office.

13.  For a more practical gift, how about a laser distance measurer – the tape measure of the future? Perfect for checking room sizes with accuracy.

14.  If they’re relatively new to real estate or just always looking for ways to learn and improve, this book has some great sales scripts to help every realtor.

15.  Or a book of a different kind – a journal to keep tabs on all things real estate.

16.  Perfect for celebrating a sale, this wine opener kit will make that celebratory glass of wine even easier to access.

17.  Let them relax in their time off by getting a robot to mow the lawn!

18.  And/or maybe a robot to vacuum the floor, in fact, why not a vacuum and mop combo?

19.  But, ultimately, the best gift you can give any realtor in your life is something that won’t cost you a cent but can make the biggest difference to your real estate agent….a positive review or testimonial or a referral to a potential new client would be the best gift any realtor would ever want.

So, there you have it – our list of the best 19 gifts you can get for your realtor, whatever the occasion. We think you’ll agree that these are all good gifts for realtors/real estate agents and, ranging from free to fairly expensive, there’s something there to suit everyone’s budget!


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