Your mom’s birthday is coming up. You’ve bought her a gift, but now you need to think of the perfect thing to say inside her birthday card. It’s a tough one, but you want to get it right, after all, moms are special.

Whether you call her Mom, Mommy, Mum, Mummy, Mama, Mother or some other name, the woman who gave birth to you and/or raised you is a very special person and you want to let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

The perfect birthday greetings message for your mother’s birthday card could be any of our suggestions below, or maybe it will be a combination of the ideas we present to you here. Every Mom is unique and so her birthday wishes should be too.

Some people find it easy to write warm, heartfelt messages inside a birthday card. For other people it’s a real struggle to put their feelings into words and write them in a card. Never fear! We’ll assume, as you’re here reading this, that you’re struggling with inspiration for the words to write in your mom’s birthday card.

That’s where we can help! Take some of our ideas, use them as they are or blend them together and create the perfect birthday message for your mom.

Here are some great ideas of words you can write in your mom’s birthday card:

  • With heartfelt thanks and lots of love, Happy Birthday to my wise and wonderful mom.
  • Happy Birthday Mom! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!
  • Wishing my beautiful mother a beautiful day for her birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, Mom – I’m so lucky to have a mother like you.
What Should I Write Fo My Mom's Birthday Card
  • If all the mothers in the world were like you, the world would be full of grateful people with full hearts. Happy Birthday to the best mom ever.
  • Not a day goes by that I am not eternally grateful to have you as my mother. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • You gave us life and we are eternally grateful!
  • To the best mom in the world from the best kids in the world – Happy Birthday Mom!
Birthday Card For Your Mom
  • Hope your birthday brings you time to celebrate and enjoy the life you have created for all of us in the family. You’re the lynch pin holding us all together and the center of our worlds, Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • Wishing the best mom ever the best day ever for her birthday. From the best son/daughter ever.
  • I don’t say it enough, but I love you and will always be thankful for everything you do for me and have done for me throughout the years. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • Happy Birthday, Mom. Today is all about celebrating you and reminding you just how loved and cherished you are.
  • To the center of our worlds, our mom, Happy Birthday from all of your creations!
  • For all the ways you make us smile and all the ways you make us happy, sending you lots of love on your birthday.
Birthday Cards For Your Mom
  • Happy Birthday, Mom. From your favorite child!
  • I know I’m probably the reason you drink, so please enjoy this bottle of wine for your birthday!
  • I really got lucky when I got you for my Mom! Happy Birthday!
  • To the best mom ever, thank you for…well, everything really! Happy Birthday!
  • You’re more than a mom. You’re my best friend, my secret keeper, my truth teller, my teacher, my sounding board and my favorite person ever! Love you mom – happy birthday!
  • I’ll never grow out of needing my mom, no matter how old I get! Thank you for always being there, happy birthday, mom.
  • It’s impossible to count all of the things you do for me, but just know that they don’t go unnoticed, you are loved and appreciated always. Thanks for being the best mother anyone could ever wish for, happy birthday.
  • This day is all about you so we shall celebrate the wonderful person that you are and I will always be eternally grateful that I got to have you as my mother.
  • For the mom who ‘does it all’, I don’t know how you do it, but you do, and for that I am so lucky to have you as my mom.
  • Thanks for being more than just a mom to me, you’re also my best friend and my favorite person to be around. Happy Birthday!
  • Hope your birthday brings you time to relax – you deserve it more than anyone after all that you have done for everyone in the family.
  • A wonderful mom deserves a wonderful day, here’s hoping your birthday is as wonderful as you are!
Card For Your Mom on Her Birthday
  • Take the time to do what makes you happy and enjoy your special day, you deserve it. Happy Birthday, mom.
  • Now that I have kids of my own I truly understand and appreciate everything you did for me when I was growing up. Thanks for making my childhood so fun and easy! Enjoy your special day.
  • To my favorite person in the world, my mom, wishing you an amazing day celebrating your birthday with friends and family. You are loved and cherished by everyone who knows you and today we celebrate you and all that you are. I’m so happy and proud to call you my mom. Happy Birthday.
  • To know you is to love you…and I do! Happy Birthday!
  • Even when I’m not close by, I think of you often and appreciate and love you always. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • To the world you are a mom, to our family you are the world. Happy Birthday, Mom.
What to Write in Cards For Moms on Their Birthday
  • To my beautiful mom, never forget that I love you, always and forever. Happy Birthday.
  • You mean the world to me and I am grateful for you each and every day. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  • Happy Birthday, Mom. Just remember, no matter how hard life gets, at least you don’t have ugly children!
  • Happy Birthday, mom – you did a great job, I turned out great!
  • To the woman who gave me life, you were the best mom anyone could ever have asked for and I will love and appreciate you, always. Happy Birthday, Mom, enjoy your special day.
  • Everything I am, you helped me to be. Happy Birthday to the best mom ever.
Card For Your Mom

Writing a message for your mom’s birthday card doesn’t have to be hard! Just swipe one of our birthday message ideas. As long as it’s heartfelt, your mom will love it, whatever you write, because that’s what moms do, they love us unconditionally. And, for that we will always be grateful!

And, if you’re not sending your mom a birthday card, these birthday messages also work well as quotes for your social media status or as a happy birthday text message to send to your mom – we get it, not everybody uses birthday cards these days, but words of love and appreciation will always be appreciated no matter what format they arrive in!

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