So you’re looking for gifts that start with the letter b. No problem, whether it’s birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or, most likely, Secret Santa gifts beginning with B, our handy gift guide is here to help you out.

Sure, you could brainstorm gifts beginning with b yourself but, why bother when we’ve already done it for you? At the very least our extensive list of gifts that start with B should give you some inspiration and head you in the right direction to find the perfect present for whatever your occasion is.

Without further ado, let’s get started exploring the world of presents beginning with ‘B’.

Gifts Beginning With B

Beats Headphones

While you could argue that these begin with H for headphones, these headphones have developed a name for themselves and many people will refer to them as their ‘Beats’ so, if the budget will allow, you’ll have a very happy recipient if they receive a pair of Beats!

Bluetooth Speaker

Or anything with bluetooth really – always popular and some products, like this speaker, should fit OK into a Secret Santa budget.

Back Massager

Soothe away their worries and pain with a back massager.

Bath Pillow

What could be more relaxing than enjoying a nice warm bath while leaning on a super comfy bath pillow?

Bath Bombs

Definitely a hit if it’s a gift for her you are after, but even the most manly of men might enjoy a relaxing soak with a bath bomb from time to time!

Plus it has the added bonus of both components of the name beginning with b, so it’s definitely a win in the starting with b department!

Bathroom Accessories

Bling up their bathroom with some fancy holders for soaps and whatnot.

So, you’re getting the idea – anything for the bathroom or for use in the bath fits nicely into the gifts beginning with b category. Think bath salts, bath oil, or even a fancy bath mat – there are plenty of bath or bathroom related gifts you could choose.

Still sticking with the bathroom theme but from a slightly different angle(!), how about a:


Bound to be the most talked about gift at the Christmas party, a bidet is sure to be a hit, starts with b and, chances are good that they don’t already have one!

Bean Bag

Always comfortable, always fun and, conveniently, beginning with b, a bean bag would make a fun gift.

Beard Related Items

For gifts beginning with b for him, especially if he has a beard, consider some beard related products like these:

Beach Towel

Everybody can always use another beach towel!

Beach Chair

Or maybe a beach chair would better fit the bill?


You can never go wrong with a large teddy bear!


A backpack will always come in handy!


Or maybe just a smart looking bag?

Baking Sheet

If they like to cook, a baking sheet makes a great, practical gift.


Small, inexpensive and the perfect Secret Santa gift beginning with b, a balaclava will be a popular gift at your party.


Or maybe some colorful bandanas are more your speed?

Baseball Cap

Stick with plain or you could get one with your recipient’s favorite team or a funny slogan.


There are so many uses for a humble basket in any household, you could give it as is or fill it with their favorite treats or other small items beginning with b!


If they’re a basketball fan you could delight them with anything basketball related from an actual basketball to basketball merch or tickets to a game.

Bazooka Bubblegum

Another product with the double B in both ‘Bazooka’ and ‘Bubblegum’, this one is sure to be a winner (if they like gum!).

Beef Jerky

Perfect for adding to a basket of b themed goodies, some beef jerky really meets the brief.


Everyone needs to keep their pants up, a belt can help with this!


Keep their head toasty warm with a beanie.

Beer Glasses

If they’re fond of a beer from time to time, some beer glasses will be well used and appreciated.


Of course, so long as they are of legal age, you could always just buy them some beer!

Bento Box

Take their workplace lunches to the next level with a bento box! They’ll get to enjoy great food while you doubly met the brief by buying a gift that starts with two ‘B’s’.


If they’re that way inclined, you could get them an edition of The Bible – but only if you know that they are Christian and would appreciate it – don’t go pushing your religion onto someone who is not interested.


If the budget will allow, a bicycle starts with b!


Everyone loves a game of Bingo!

Bio Oil

Great for stretch marks and other skin issues, a bottle of Bio Oil will be very popular.

Bird Feeder

Let them enjoy nature and encourage the birds into their yard with a bird feeder.


No one will say no to a piece of biscotti!


If they’re into crypto currency and the funds allow, you could buy them some bitcoin.


Give them a way to examine all of the birds they attract with their bird feeder by getting them a pair of binoculars.

Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee

If they just can’t function without their morning cup of coffee then a supply of Bizzy cold brew coffee might be in order!


Nothing will keep them snuggly and warm like a blanket.


You could go the bullet style for smoothies on the go, or else any type of blender will also be popular.

Blink Camera

Get their home security in order with a Blink mini indoor camera.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Help them to keep an eye on their health with a blood pressure monitor.

Blow Torch

A blow torch is a nifty gift for anyone who likes to cook.

Blue Light Glasses

If they spend their days in front of screens, some blue light glasses might be really handy.

Book Light

If they like to read, a book light can be an invaluable piece of equipment.

Or, on the other hand, you could also just buy them books.

Bocce Set

Get them into some real life gaming with a Bocce set.

Big Boggle

How about a game of Big Boggle – that’s two ‘b’s’ not just one!

Bokashi Bin

Make composting easy with a Bokashi bin.

Body Butter

Keep their skin soft and supple with a nice tub of body butter – and it’s two ‘b’s’ for the win!

Bonsai Tree Kit

Send them on a zen-filled journey with a Bonsai tree kit, who knows, it might become a lifelong hobby for them!

Bird Bookends

Hitting the spot with another double header of the letter b, how about a pair of bird themed bookends?

Bop It!

Keep things fun and light hearted with a game of Bop-It!

Bottle Opener

For an economical yet practical gift starting with B, how about a simple bottle opener?

Bamboo Salad Bowl

Any kind of bowl would fit the bill however this one is also made from bamboo which manages to throw an extra ‘B’ into the mix for extra credit!

Boxing Gloves

Most people might not have much use for these, but if you happen to be buying a gift for just the right kind of person, these boxing gloves could be a real hit (pardon the pun!).

Bread Box

Finishing up our list of gift ideas that start with b is this amazing black bread box. We could have shown you just any bread box to meet the brief with a double ‘B’, but instead we’ve gone for the triple ‘B’ and present to you a Black Bread Box!

If that doesn’t win whatever game you might be playing, I don’t know what will!

Obviously there are millions of other gifts that you could come up with that start with the letter b, but I think it’s fair to say that we’ve got you off to a good start here with our inspiring list of gifts that start with b.

We hope you’ve found something in our long list that meets the brief for whatever gift buying challenge or quest you might be on right now!

Happy Gift Giving!