So, you’re searching for a present that begins with D? Whatever your reason is (we’re going to assume it’s probably for a Christmas party game like a themed Secret Santa), below you will find all of the best gifts that start with the letter D.

Whether you’re buying for him or for her, there will be a “D” gift in this long list of gift ideas that will suit your purpose. 

We’ll begin with a list of gift ideas beginning with D to get your creative juices flowing, then, further down the page, you’ll find a list of gifts you can buy with a couple of clicks to save you the trouble of sourcing the gift yourself.

So, let’s get started and start brainstorming some gifts that start with the letter D!

Gift Ideas Starting With Letter D

Gift Ideas Beginning With D

We’ll give you the ideas, you’ll have to find them, online or at the mall, yourself!

  • Daffodils
  • Donuts
  • Donut Maker
  • Drinking Games
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Diamonds
  • Dishes
  • Diffuser
  • Dumbbells
  • Duck Themed Gifts
  • Drill
  • Drone
  • Darts/Dartboard
  • Dominoes
  • Donkey Kong
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Dinosaur Themed Gifts
  • Dachshund Themed Gifts
  • Daisys
  • Demon Themed Gifts
  • Denim 
  • Dice
  • Dog Themed Gifts
  • Doll
  • Dream Diary
  • Dumbo
  • Dance Shoes
  • Dental Floss
  • Drums
  • Dress

Gift Ideas Starting With D

Gifts That Start With D

Here we’ve done the hard work for you and are not only giving you the best gift ideas but links to where you can purchase your “D” present within a matter of clicks – who said gift giving was difficult?

Dash Cam

Give them the gift of peace of mind with a front and rear dash cam.


Everybody needs deodorant! (Everybody!). Whether it’s for her or for him, you’ll find a wide selection of deodorants at your supermarket, or you can get some here:

Daisy Jones & The Six

If they’re a reader, they’ll like this book!

Dry Shampoo

There’s nothing like a quick spray of dry shampoo to freshen up your hair, and it would make a unique and original gift that happens to begin with D!

Dachshund Dog

We wouldn’t recommend buying them a real, live dog without consultation, but these Dachshunds are cute!

Daffodil Bulbs

Depending on the time of year you are buying and giving your “D” gift, you could either give them a bunch of fresh daffodils or else some daffodil bulbs so that they can grow their very own daffodils.

Dahlia Bulbs

On a similar theme, if they’ve got a garden, they might enjoy some Dahlia bulbs to grow their own flowers.

Dart Board

A dart board makes a great gift. This one even comes with some darts so they’ll be ready to play straight away.

Date Deck

Note the two d’s used in the name of this product! That’s got to be worth bonus points! And the game itself looks fun too!

Deep Fryer

Who doesn’t want a deep fryer in their kitchen?

Defrosting Tray

Here’s a useful and unique gift that just happens to begin with D!

Dental Tools

Throw in some dental floss and you’ve got a unique gift that starts with D and is sure to make them smile!

Desk Lamp

Everybody needs to throw a bit more light on the subject from time to time, a desk lamp is perfect for this.

Detox Foot Pads

These will be a fun conversation starter at your Christmas party gift exchange game!

Dish Drying Rack

A useful and practical gift, this present idea also happens to have two “Ds” in use, in both Dish and Drying – that’s got to be a win!

Diamond Painting Kit

Cheaper than an actual diamond and maybe even more fun? How about a diamond painting kit?

Diamond Jewelry

Or, splash out and get them some real diamonds!


Keep your gift cheap and cheerful with a set of dice!


If they like words and word games then maybe a dictionary would be the perfect “D” gift.


Chances are good that they don’t already have their own didgeridoo, so this would make a fun gift for just about anyone!


You can’t go wrong with a diffuser for a gift, and there are so many to choose from!

Dill Pickles

These dill pickles would make a fun gift!


For the budding paleontologist, or just your average dinosaur lover, these dinosaur toys would make a great present that starts with D.

Dip Powder Nail Kit

More likely to appeal to her, but then again these nails would look fabulous on anyone!

Dirt Bike

OK, so this one might blow the budget on your typical Secret Santa gift, but a dirt bike starts with d and would certainly be a popular gift!


There are so many Disney themed gifts to choose from, here are just a couple, or you can check out this article full of gift ideas for the Disney lover in your life.

Dinnerware Set

Perfect to help them fully stock their home, practical and useful, every house needs some dinnerware.


If they’re a Harry Potter fan then they might appreciate their very own Dobby!

Doc The Dwarf

Considering he’s also a Disney character, this gift idea gives you triple D’s! Doc, Dwarf and Disney all start with D!


If the recipient of your gift is, shall we say mature, or maybe even if they just have eclectic taste, they might appreciate some doilies.


You’re never too old for a doll! Or maybe you are, you’ll have to decide if the recipient of your gift might be keen on having a doll of their own.


Fun for all ages, dominoes also happen to start with D.

Donut Maker

You could simply purchase them a tray of donuts, or you could get them to make their own by giving them a donut maker!


Crunchy, cheesy and delicious, Doritos start with D!

Dr Pepper

Maybe you could build a snack pack for them with donuts, Doritos and Dr Pepper!

Drawer Organizer

A practical and useful gift that just happens to begin with the letter D!

Drawing Set

Bring out their creative side with a complete drawing set.

Dried Fruit

Another idea to add to your collection of snacks starting with D!


A drill would make a useful and impressive gift and also happens to start with D.


Your gift will be the talk of the party if you turn up with a drone!


Drums are a great gift idea (neighbors and housemates may disagree with this statement). There are many different types of drums but they all technically start with D for drum!

Denim Dress

No doubt more popular for the female recipients amongst us, a denim dress gives the double whammy of two ds so you’ve got to get extra credit for that!


Because everyone should care about keeping fit!


Not real ducks, but these ducks are probably cuter anyway!

Duffle Bag

A very handy addition for weekend travelers.


There’s nothing sweeter than this iconic character whose name begins with the letter D!


Another useful and practical gift that starts with D.

Dutch Oven

For those who like to cook, a dutch oven is a valuable addition to any kitchen and also happens to begin with D.


Whether for decorative use or to actually catch their dreams, a dream catcher makes a great gift that starts with d.

Dream Diary

Or, take it a step further and give them a way to keep track of their dreams and record it all. You could also call this a dream journal, but dream diary gives us the bonus points of the extra D in the title!

We think we’ve done a pretty good job of bringing together all of the best gift ideas that begin with the letter D.

How did we go? Did we miss anything? If you’ve got a great gift idea that starts with D that you don’t see featured in our list, let us know and we’ll be sure to add it as a helpful resource for all the poor people out there still searching for the perfect gift that starts with D!

Happy Gift Giving!