So you’ve been given the challenge to find a present that starts with E, and you’ve landed here because, frankly, it’s hard to think of ‘E’ gifts off the top of your head! But, don’t worry, we’ve done the thinking for you and have come up with a very long list of gifts that all happen to start with the letter E.

So, whether you need a gift beginning with E for a themed Secret Santa, a Christmas present, or for some other random reason, you’ll find all the best inspiration right here in our list of gifts that start with E.

To prove just how difficult the letter E is to work with in this gifting category, I tried to get AI to help me come up with ideas. I was disappointed with the results, here is what a modern, popular AI writing tool was able to offer me when I asked for gifts beginning with E:

Gift Idea That Starts With Letter E

Gifts That Start With E (According to AI – don’t worry, we’ve got better suggestions below)

1. Enchanting Jewelry

Elevate your loved one’s style with exquisite jewelry. Emerald earrings, elegant engraved bracelets, or an elaborate necklace can truly make a statement. Personalize it with their initials or a special date to add an extra touch of sentimentality.

2. Experiential Gifts

Treat your friends or family to unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s an exciting escape room adventure, an exhilarating skydiving session, or a relaxing evening at an upscale eatery, experiential gifts create lasting memories.

3. Enigmatic Books

For the bookworm in your life, consider gifting an engaging novel, an enlightening non-fiction book, or an enchanting fantasy series. A thoughtfully chosen book shows that you’ve taken the time to understand their interests.

4. Electronic Gadgets

In this digital age, electronic gadgets are always a hit. From the latest headphones to an ergonomic electric kettle, electronic gifts cater to both practicality and entertainment.

5. Exquisite Fragrances

Evoke emotions with a captivating fragrance. Eau de parfum, scented candles, or essential oil diffusers can transform any space and create an enchanting atmosphere.

6. Elegant Home Decor

Help your loved ones spruce up their living spaces with elegant home decor items. Whether it’s an exquisite vase, an ethereal wall painting, or an embroidered pillow, these gifts add a touch of sophistication to any room.

7. Edible Delights

Indulge their taste buds with an array of edible gifts. From artisanal chocolates to gourmet espresso beans, delectable treats are a surefire way to convey warmth and delight.

8. Educational Kits

Stimulate their curiosity with educational kits that entertain and teach. Engineering sets, earth science experiments, or even language learning subscriptions are gifts that promote growth and knowledge.

9. Eco-Friendly Products

Embrace sustainability with eco-friendly gifts. Reusable water bottles, ethically sourced clothing, or eco-conscious skincare products show your commitment to a better world.

10. Engraved Keepsakes

Endearingly etched with meaningful messages, engraved keepsakes like a silver locket or a personalized journal are timeless gifts that they can cherish forever.

11. Entertainment Subscriptions

Enhance their leisure time with entertainment subscriptions. Whether it’s an exclusive streaming service, an e-magazine subscription, or an eBook platform, these gifts offer endless entertainment options.

12. Exercise Essentials

Encourage a healthy lifestyle by gifting exercise essentials. From elegant yoga mats to ergonomic exercise equipment, these gifts promote well-being and self-care.

Gifts That Start With E - Exercise Equipment

Is it just me or does this feel like the robot cheated a little? Adding an adjective that starts with E before the actual gift (noun) doesn’t really seem like a proper ‘E’ gift idea to me! So, instead of getting the quick help I was hoping for, I had to go and do this the hard way and brainstorm all the best gifts that start with E myself. Here’s what I came up with:

Gifts Beginning With E

Easter Eggs – OK, so I know it’s more likely that you’ll be looking for a gift that starts with E at Christmas time rather than Easter, but the two e’s used in the name make it too delicious to ignore! Also it could be kind of fun to see your recipient unwrap some Easter eggs when it’s not Easter!

Egg Related Gifts – Sticking with my current egg theme, you can find plenty of affordable gifts that start with e in the egg universe. Think egg poachers, egg cookers, egg timers, egg holders, egg rings…etc.

Earbuds – everyone loves music or listening to podcasts and earbuds are so small and easy to lose that everyone could always do with having a spare pair of earbuds!

Earrings – sticking with the ear theme, depending on your recipient, earrings could be a delightful choice for a present that happens to start with E (much better than ‘enchanting jewelry’ anyway – you could even call them ‘enchanting earrings’ for that double E bonus!)

Emerald – this precious green stone would be well received by anyone – if you manage to find some Enchanting Emerald Earrings then you’ll know that you have really hit the ‘e’ gift jackpot!

Ear Cleaner – OK, it sounds a bit gross, but sometimes the Secret Santa gift that is the most unusual will get the biggest laugh, and an ear cleaning kit of some sort could put your gift in that bracket!

Ebook Reader – if i’m honest, this feels like a bit of a stretch because a device like this is probably more commonly known as a Kindle (which starts with K!), but there are other brands out there, so I guess the more generic name for this handy little device is an ‘ebook reader’, so it meets the criteria for this gift hunt.

Eiffel Tower – obviously you’re not going to get them the real Eiffel Tower, but a cute statue or picture of the landmark could be good for a Francophile in your life. Of course, if you’ve got the cash, I’m sure your recipient would be delighted with a gift of a trip to Paris to see the real thing! But that might be a little over budget!

Electric Things – this might be stretching the boundaries a bit like my AI friend did, but you could always get something with ‘Electric’ in the name, think Electric Blanket, Electric Toothbrush, Electric Screwdriver…etc.

Embroidery Kit – why not start them off on a new hobby (or support a hobby they already have) with an embroidery kit or some new embroidery supplies?

Gifts That Start With E - Embroidery Kit

Energy Drink – if you’re looking for a cheap gift that starts with E, a can of some sort of ‘Energy Drink’ certainly fits the bill!

Epsom Salt – Some nicely packaged (or not) Epsom Salt could make a wonderful gift that begins with the letter E.

Epilator – if your recipient would be interested in a device to help remove some body hair, then an epilator is what you need, and it also, conveniently, begins with E!

Epoxy Resin Kit – if your recipient enjoys arts and crafts or a bit of DIY, then they might be thrilled to receive an epoxy resin kit.

Eraser – another one for the small and cheap gift category, an eraser is a potential gift that starts with E. It doesn’t have to be a small pencil eraser, it could be a larger whiteboard or chalkboard eraser if you think that would make your gift look more impressive.

Essential Oils – essential oils make wonderful gifts and also just so happen to start with E. Choose your favorites or buy a gift pack of them, essential oils will always be well received as a gift.

Gifts That Start With E - Essential Oils

Etch a Sketch – this classic children’s toy is fun for all ages and just so happens to start with E!

Ewok – if they’re a Star Wars fan, then some sort of toy Ewok will no doubt delight them as a gift beginning with E.

Exfoliating Glove – joining the cheap and cheerful category of gifts beginning with E, an exfoliating glove is a useful addition to everyone’s bathroom.

Eye Mask – another cheap and cheerful gift that starts with E.

Eyelash Curler – dare I say it, this gift will probably only be popular amongst female recipients, and not even all of them will be interested in having one, but there’s no denying that an eyelash curler meets our brief of a gift that begins with the letter E.

Gifts That Start With E - Eyelash Curlers

Eye Related Things – in a similar vein to above, anything for the eyes can become a gift that starts with e, think eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eyelash serum – there’s plenty to choose from here.

Eagle – obviously not a real one, but a soft toy or statue eagle could be a good gift for someone who likes, well, eagles.

Easel – get them into painting with their very own easel – this could certainly be an impressive “e” gift to bring along to a party.

Emoji – you could get them one of those emoji cushions – pick whichever emoji you think would be most popular with your recipient.

Elbow Pads – if they’re thinking about taking up roller skating or some other type of dangerous sport, then some elbow pads could come in handy. They’re also the type of random gift that would likely get a good laugh at a gift exchange party!

Echidna – if you’re not familiar with this cute little marsupial from Australia, it’s kind of like a hedgehog or porcupine. Obviously you wouldn’t gift a real one, but there are some very cute stuffed toy echidnas out there that would make a great gift that begins with E.

Elf – there are many kinds of elves to choose from, but if you need a gift that starts with e for a Christmas party, then I’d recommend choosing a cute Christmas elf to give – they brighten up everyone’s day and make great holiday decorations.

Gift Ideas That Start With The Letter E

Choosing a gift that starts with the letter E can add an element of fun and creativity to your gift-giving experience. Whether you opt for elegant jewelry, experiential gifts or something else from our long list of ideas, I’m sure that this list has at least got you thinking and feeling inspired!

As always, by tailoring your gift to your recipient’s preferences, you can make a lasting impression that showcases your thoughtfulness and care.

We’ve kept our list of gift ideas generic as people like to shop in different ways. You can either take these ideas with you to your favorite shopping center or mall or copy and paste them into your favorite online shop – you’ll find the perfect gift that starts with the letter E in no time!

Happy Gift Giving!