There are many reasons why you might be searching for gifts that start with the letter F, but the most likely scenarios are that you need a gift beginning with F to fulfill a challenge in some sort of Christmas gift exchange game such as a letter themed Secret Santa or White Elephant.

Or, maybe you’re trying to impress someone whose name starts with F by buying them birthday presents that also begin with this fantastic letter!

Whatever your reason for needing an F-themed gift, we’ve done the hard work for you and have come up with an extensive list of gift ideas that all happen to begin with the letter F.

All you have to do is choose the gift idea that you like best and then buy it from your favorite store – just search on Amazon, Walmart, or even Etsy. and you can have your chosen gift delivered within hours (or days depending on where you live). Or, do it the old school way and head over to your closest mall and find the perfect F gift to suit your needs.

Gifts That Begin With The Letter F

  1. Flowers – flowers have always been and will always be a popular gift and they just happen to start with F! Bonus points if you choose flowers that also start with the letter F – maybe some Freesias?
  1. Fan – there are many different fans to choose from, depending on your budget, you could choose a hand held paper fan for a lady to waft in front of her face, a personal-sized battery-powered fan for cooling down a person’s own space or face, or a regular, full sized pedestal fan – the choice is yours!
  1. Fitbit – keep them fit and healthy with a new Fitbit – probably on the pricier side for a White Elephant gift (if that’s what you need it for), but, if it meets your budget requirements, there’s no doubt that a Fitbit begins with F and makes a great gift!
  1. Fanny Pack – if they’re into traveling, then a fanny pack might suit their vibe! Even if they’re not, a fanny pack can make a useful (and somewhat amusing) gift.
Gift Ideas Letter F - Fanny pack
  1. Face Washer – if your budget requires a cheap and cheerful gift then a face washer (or 2 or 3) makes a useful, budget-friendly gift that starts with F.
  1. Fairy Wings – OK, so these will probably be most popular amongst younger gift recipients, but, if that’s what you’re searching for, then a pair of fairy wings will meet your brief.
  1. Fart Spray – not something I’d personally enjoy, but if you’re looking for a funny gift that begins with F, and you’ve got the right audience for it, some fart spray might be a very popular gift at your gift exchange event!
  1. Fatigue Mat – a slightly more unusual gift that starts with F – a fatigue mat could be useful for some!
  1. Feather Pillow or Quilt – anything relating to feathers could make a good ‘f-gift’.
  1. Febreze – give them the gift of a nice smelling house with something from the Febreze range – this one is also a good, budget-friendly gift.
  1. Fedora – give them the gift of style with a cool Fedora hat!
Gift Ideas Letter F - Fedora
  1. Foot Massager – or anything feet or foot related would make a great gift that begins with the letter f.
  1. Ferrari – OK, I admit there are not many people who are likely to be able to give a Ferrari as a gift, but there are plenty of Ferrari themed accessories that would make great gifts beginning with F – think baseball caps or keyrings marked with the Ferrari logo.
  1. Ferrero Rocher – just like flowers, chocolates make the perfect gift and this particular brand of luxury chocolates is perfect for gifting and just happens to start with F!
  1. Fertilizer – if your recipient likes to garden they might be happy to receive a bag of fertilizer as a gift.
  1. Fettuccine – give them a hamper full of “F” themed foods (like fettuccine and feta cheese), or maybe give them a note with the promise of a home cooked meal of fettuccine!
  1. Fez Hat – if a Fedora hat is not their style, maybe they’d prefer a fez?
  • Fire Pit – give them the gift of fire with their very own fire pit to use in their back garden.
  1. Fish – anything ‘fish’ themed meets the brief for a gift beginning with F – think fishnet stockings, fish oil or maybe a decorative fish of some sort?
  1. Fidget Toys – these sensory toys are all the rage, put together a collection and call them ‘Fidget Toys’ and you’ve met your gifting challenge.
  1. Fingerless Gloves – while one could argue that these should be filed under ‘G’ for ‘gloves, the ‘fingerless’ part makes them an ‘F’ present as far as we’re concerned!
  1. Ficus Tree – real or artificial, a Ficus tree is a great gift to give.
Gifts That Start With F - Ficus Tree
  1. Fern – in a similar vein, head down to your local plant nursery and buy them a fern, or any other type of pot plant that starts with F for that matter!
  1. Figs Or Fig Newtons – a packet of dried (or fresh) figs or else maybe a packet of Fig Newtons is a cheap and cheerful F gift to consider.
  1. Fiji Water – maybe as part of a hamper of ‘F’ themed foods and drinks, some Fiji Water works as an ‘F’ drink.
  1. Fireplace Tools or a Firewood Rack – there’s no denying that fire starts with F, so any fire themed gifts are going to work well for this challenge.
  1. Fishing Rod – anything to do with fishing would make a great gift if your recipient likes, well, fishing!
Gift Ideas Letter F - Fishing rod

  1. Flashlight – nothing fancy, but a flashlight is a handy, useful gift that happens to start with F.
  1. Flash Drive – everybody can always use an extra flash drive!
  1. Floating Candles – not regular candles, they must be the floating kind if you’re going to pass the challenge of finding a gift that starts with the letter F!
  1. Flickering Flameless Candles – another candle option, but this time of the flickering, flameless variety, therefore fulfilling your f-themed quest!
  1. Flip Flops – not just one but two f’s in this product’s name – surely that will earn you bonus points!
  1. Flute – it’s a fairly niche market, but if your recipient is musical at all, they might be delighted to receive a flute!
  1. French Press – if they like their coffee then a French Press would make a great gift.
  1. Frying Pan – everyone could do with an extra frying pan in their kitchen and there’s a variety of price points so this one could suit every budget.
  1. Frame – a picture frame always makes a great gift – if you add a picture of ‘family’ or ‘friends’ in it, then you’ve truly covered your ‘f’ brief!
  1. Frankincense – this (fairly expensive) essential oil has been around since Biblical times and was famously given to the baby Jesus by one of the wise men, making it the original Christmas gift that starts with F!
  1. Fragrance – this one’s a little bit of a stretch as the gift itself is more commonly known as perfume or cologne, but fragrance starts with F, and you could get any sort of fragrance like a house fragrance or laundry fragrance – there’s scope to play around with this idea!
  1. Friendship Bracelet – what better way to show them that you care than to offer them a friendship bracelet?
Gift Ideas Letter F - Friendship Bracelet
  1. Fridge Magnets – let’s face it, you could even get them a fridge (!) but if that seems excessive to you, then some fridge magnets would make a great gift.
  1. Frozen – anything from the Frozen franchise of Disney – or get creative and freeze some ‘F’ foods – nothing says you’ve really tried in a gifting game challenge like presenting your recipient with frozen frankfurters and frozen figs to get as many ‘f’s’ in as possible!
  1. Fruit – from fresh fruit to dried fruit to a fruit bowl, if it’s got the word ‘fruit’ in it, you’ve covered your challenge in finding a gift that begins with F!
  1. Funko Pop – choose some of their favorite characters from the Funko Pop range.
  1. Furniture – it doesn’t have to be big, maybe a side table or a small set of shelves, as long as you call it ‘furniture’ you’re meeting your brief!
  1. Figurine – this one gives you scope to choose something that they like – whatever they’re into, find a figurine of that character or activity and give it to them!
  1. Flag – a flag of their favorite country would make a great ‘f’ gift!
  1. Football – whatever code they’re into, if they like football, this gift could be a winner!
  1. Fossil – if they’re into dinosaurs or just old, interesting artifacts, maybe you can find them a fossil. 
  1. Foam Roller – everybody needs a foam roller to help stretch out those aches and pains!
  1. Funnel – a cheap, yet useful, addition to any household, a funnel also happens to start with the letter F!
  1. Fly Trap – if they like spending time in the great outdoors but the flies are a nuisance, a fly trap would be a welcome present to receive.
  1. Flask – a flask makes a great gift for people who like to be prepared and carry liquid with them at all times, and there are some really nice looking flasks that would make excellent gifts to the right recipients.
Gift Ideas Letter F - Flask

So there you have it, 52 different gift ideas that all happen to start with the letter F! 

Whatever it is you need your ‘F’ gift for, we know you won’t be receiving an F in this challenge as now we’ve given you so many great ideas for gifts that start with the letter F – all you have to do is choose one and go for it!