So, you’re looking for a gift for a person who has everything…what on Earth can you buy for the person in your life who seemingly already has it all?

People who are blessed in life and able to just buy whatever they want whenever they want, or those who are happy living a simple life and just don’t need any extra things, are notoriously hard to buy gifts for.

But, don’t worry, we’ve got some great and unique ideas for good gifts for people who have everything.

It’s obviously a broad demographic and not everything on our list will suit everybody, but we’re sure there will be something on our list of gift ideas that will at least plant a seed or spark an idea for a good gift for the person in your life who already has everything.

After all, Christmas and birthdays come around every year, so you’ll need a few good ideas!

Best Gifts To Get Someone Who Has Everything

If they like to travel, a map to show off all of the places they have been could be popular. It would also give them incentive to choose new places to travel to.

They may have everything, but do they have homegrown purple carrots?

Or, if they might prefer growing something a little more traditional, how about an AeroGraden?

You could even add some Zen to their lives with a bonsai tree.

Or, liven up their decor and increase their good fortune with some lucky bamboo.

If they like to eat, you can’t go wrong with a box full of snacks!

Or maybe they could try some different flavors of Mexican chocolate.

If they have trouble keeping track of all of the things they already have, they might appreciate this:

You can never have too many flashlights in your house!

If they like to keep things nice but also don’t mind a swear word or too, these coasters are a bit of fun.

Let them visit the world’s art galleries and view and learn about the most famous works of art, all without leaving the couch, with this nifty little gift.

Or, take culture to a whole new level and turn them into a Simpsons character!

Or, have their precious pet turned into a work of art!

If they’ve ever had back trouble before, or even if they haven’t they could benefit from an Ablespine to improve their posture. 

If they like a bit of home cooking, maybe a pizza cutter and board would be appreciated.

Or a nifty salad chopper.

Turn them into a Lord or Lady by buying them a tiny piece of Scottish land.

Help them to keep their trunk in order.

Or, let them keep their whole vehicle clean and tidy with a car vacuum cleaner.

Your friend may have everything, but if they don’t have a man in their life, get them one!

Give them a whole month worth of things to smile about with this jar of smiles.

Maybe they’d like to own some land on the moon! Who knows? It could come in handy one day!

Get them something nice from The Ayurveda Experience.

Or, get them a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription box for monthly deliveries of surprises. There’s plenty of different options to choose from here.

If you’re truly fed up with never being able to find them anything, there’s a couple of snarky options like these:

Or, if all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with an amazon gift card – let them figure out just how hard they are to buy for!

There are plenty of good gift ideas around, even for people who seemingly already have everything.

One last little tip – if you can somehow get access to your recipient’s Facebook account or Pinterest feed, (or any other social media accounts) you’ll get lots of valuable information of the sorts of things they are into right now, which will definitely help you in choosing a gift for them.

Get to know your recipient and you’ll find a good gift for them in no time!

Happy Gift Giving!