Don’t forget your teachers when it comes to buying Easter gifts this year! Teachers work so hard and they deserve a little treat from the Easter Bunny (and/or their students)!

It doesn’t have to be a large, expensive present, but a small Easter gift for your teacher lets them know that they are appreciated and, hopefully, will get you into their good books as you head into the final stretch of the school year!

Here are some Easter gift ideas you could consider for all the teachers in your life:

1. Easter Eggs

Sometimes the obvious option is the best! Most teachers enjoy a treat of chocolate now and then, and Easter time is the perfect time for them to indulge!

Anything from Easter eggs to chocolate bunnies or any other fun Easter candy is sure to go down a treat!

Easter Gift For Teachers

2. Easter Themed Clothing

Depending on when you give your teacher their Easter present, they might not actually have time to wear any of these beauties to class this year…but they can always keep it and wear it next year! And, it will always remind them of you, their favorite student!

3. Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder

If your teacher likes coffee (there’s very few who don’t!) get them this cute Easter themed gift card holder. Just don’t forget to add a gift card for their favorite coffee shop!

4. Easter Bunny Soap

If your teacher doesn’t like candy, or maybe you’re just looking for something a bit different to get them, how about these adorable, peep-like soa

5. Teacher Appreciation Tags

Whatever type of gift you get your teacher for Easter, whether it’s chocolate, soaps are some other type of Easter gift, don’t forget to add a cute gift tag like these to show your teacher how much you appreciate everything that they do for you.

6. Socks

everybody needs socks! Whether they’re Easter themed or teacher themed, a pair of socks will always be useful!

7. Seed of the Month Club

Embrace the season of Spring and new beginnings by gifting your teacher a subscription to a seed of the month club.

Every month they’ll receive a new mystery packet of seeds – perfect for curious teachers with budding green thumbs!

8. Egg Whisk

If your teacher likes to cook or bake, then this cute little Easter themed egg whisk could be just the right small token of appreciation for your teacher at Easter time.

9. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Give your teacher the chance to refresh and relax over the Easter break with a set of shower steamers.

10. Bath Bombs

If you think they’re more of a bath person than a shower person, these adorable peeps bath bombs might be just the ticket!

11. Succulent Pot Plant Set

Teachers love to watch their students grow and they’re usually quite fond of any growing thing like a pot plant.

12. Easter Gift Box

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s done for you! Sometimes a simple gift like an Easter gift box makes sense.

13. An Easter Themed Mug

Whether it’s for your teacher’s morning coffee or their afternoon cup of tea, an Easter mug is always a cute idea – you could even add some chocolate eggs and make it really special!

14. Easter Jar

Fill one of these jars with whatever takes your fancy and you’ve created a great Easter gift for your teacher!

15. Funny Teacher Candle

If there’s a chance your teacher has had a difficult time in the classroom recently, then they might get a laugh out of a present like this!

16. Easter Lanyard

So cute

17. Personalized Easter Basket

Fill your personalized Easter basket with whatever treats you think your teacher might like.

18. Easter Jigsaw Puzzle

Keep your teacher busy and occupied over the Easter break with an Easter themed jigsaw puzzle.

19. Easter Themed Pots

You could give these with a small plant like a succulent growing in it, or fill it with chocolate and candy.

Whatever type of gift you choose to give your teacher for Easter this year, we know that they will appreciate the gesture just as much as you appreciate having such a caring teacher in your life.

Happy Gift Giving!