There are so many occasions when you might be looking for a present for your Dad – his birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas are the obvious events that spring to mind, but sometimes you might just want to get your Dad something cool as a token of your affection and appreciation of him. 

This gift giving guide is full of cool gifts to get your Dad whether it be for a special occasion or just because. 

Of course Dads come in many different styles and formats, so we’ve tried to cover a bit of everything in our list, but if your Dad has a particular hobby or interest, you might want to see if we’ve got a gift giving guide to suit what makes him special – we’ve got heaps of different options from Good Gifts For Realtors to Good Gifts For Tech Nerds and lots of other guides in between.

We hope you’ll find something that your Dad will truly love and appreciate in our list of gift ideas.

Cool Gifts To Get Your Dad

If he’s into Star Wars, you can’t go wrong with shirts like these:

If he’s got a sense of humor, he’s sure to appreciate this:

A phone docking station is a great idea to keep all of life’s essential bits and pieces together.

Give him a way to relax with a cool massage gun, these are great for really getting in deep and giving the muscles a work over.

It’s somewhat of a cliche that all dads like to barbecue, but if by chance yours does, then a BBQ set could go down a treat!

Sticking with the barbecue theme, if he really likes grilling, then consider some more obscure barbecue accessories like these:

Or maybe you could tempt him into becoming an outdoor pizza chef?

Don’t forget some pizza making accessories:

The price could be a sticking point, but how cool would your dad feel if he had his very own robot lawn mower?!

How about a hanging leather toiletry bag? Perfect for travelling and it looks classy too!

Or maybe he’d prefer a beanie with a light?

Sticking with the beanie theme, how about a beanie with bluetooth? Both cool and functional!

If he’s partial to a bit of sausage and cheese, he’ll love a hamper like this one:

If he’s of the hairy variety and likes to maintain a well groomed beard, then he’ll find plenty of use for this kit:

If he’s a handyman kind of Dad he might like some of these:

For something a little more lighthearted, how about a toilet bowl night light?

Or even just a great ice cream scoop – this one is truly amazing!

If he enjoys a game of golf from time to time, maybe he’d like to practice at home too?

Or maybe he’d prefer a relaxing game of corn hole?

Has he ever tried Hookey?

If an inside game is more his speed, especially if he’s fond of puns, this could be the game for him:

If he has trouble finding his things then he needs one of these in his life!

Maybe he’d enjoy starting a new hobby?

Or growing his own herbs at home in a high tech kind of way!

If drinks by the pool or on the patio are his kind of thing, he’s bound to make good use of this:

Just in case he needs help in the ‘Dad joke’ department:

Or maybe he’d like something more practical like a laptop stand.

Create Dad a beautiful keepsake with your favorite photograph at Crystal Clear Memories.

Or, if you want Dad’s cool gifts to just keep coming, why not sign him up for a subscription box? Every month or so he could receive some new, cool stuff. Here’s a couple of our favorite subscription box ideas for Dads:

The Rad Dad Box – perfect for new dads to enjoy with their kids:

Culture Carton:

He Time By My Me Time Box:

If Dad loves his car, he’ll love GloveBox:

For the fishing kind of dad:

There are heaps more to choose from, from socks to ties and even comic books, there really is a subscription box to suit every kind of dad.

So, no longer does your dad need to receive handkerchiefs, socks, and underwear at every gift giving occasion! There are so many cool gifts you can get your dad, no matter what kind of dad you have!

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration amongst our list of gift ideas for Dads, and now you’ll be on your way to choosing the perfect present.

Happy Gift Giving!