If you know some young people who have just moved into their first home you might be struggling to come up with an idea for a housewarming gift for them.

You’re in luck because buying housewarming gifts for young adults is actually much easier than buying a housewarming gift for someone who has everything. When young adults are moving out for the first time, chances are good that they’ll be very appreciative about receiving just about anything, as there’s a strong likelihood that they don’t already have much.

We’ve come up with a list of great housewarming gift ideas that young adults are sure to appreciate. Check out our list of great gift ideas now and be the hero of the housewarming party!

1. A Keyring

These young people are getting the keys to their very first home, it’s a pretty big deal! If you want to mark the occasion but don’t have a huge budget to play with, one of these keyrings for their new house keys could be the perfect housewarming present.

2. Coasters

If they’ve got a sense of humor and don’t mind a curse word or two, these coasters would make a nice addition to their new home.

3. Pillow Covers

Nothing says home like a throw pillow or two, and this cover says it all!

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Not just a speaker but a speaker and a light in one! This classy table lamp gives off the flickering light of a fire while playing your favorite tunes – a great addition to any home.

5. Polka Dot Mugs

Every household needs some mugs – otherwise it would be hard to drink that morning cup of coffee! These mugs add the fun and whimsy of colorful polka dots!

6. Ceramic Pots

They’re adults now, it’s time for some pot plants! These cute little pots would look cute with herbs in the kitchen or maybe some sweet little succulents.

7. AeroGarden

Or, maybe they’d like to grow their herbs in a slightly more hi-tech way!

8. Cutting Board

A nice, large cutting board will always be useful in any household and makes an impressive housewarming gift.

9. T-fal Opti-Grill

The hi-tech way to grill your meat indoors! Also great for making toasted sandwiches!

10. Instant Pot

Who’s got time for cooking? The Instant Pot takes the time out of making dinner – quick and easy to use, every house needs an Instant Pot!

11. Ninja Coffee Maker

Programmable and capable of making 12 cups of coffee, this sleek looking machine would be a well received housewarming gift for any coffee lover.

12. Gin Making Kit

Fun to be had by all – both the makers and the taste testers!

13. Ice Cube Trays

The option to make ice in great big squares or amazing round balls is just so enticing!

14. Wine Opener & Chiller

Wine lovers need a way to keep their wine cool and get their wine out of the bottle – this set covers both!

15. Electric Wine Decanter

Sticking with the wine theme, if they like their wine, new home owners will love receiving one of these!

16. Air Fryer

Nothing makes hot chips at home quite like an air fryer!

17. Cactus Candles

If you don’t think they’re up to the task of looking after real, live pot plants, then maybe some cute little candles disguised as succulents can do the job of brightening up their new place!

18. Coffee/Wine Stand

If their drink of preference begins with coffee in the morning and then switches to a glass of wine in the afternoon, this is the perfect housewarming gift for them!

19. Cocktail Kit

If they like entertaining or you can just picture them shaking up a cocktail or two behind the bar, grab them a cocktail kit and put your order in for your favorite adult beverage!

20. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

So they’ll never have to eat another drive thru breakfast again!

21. Portable Indoor Fire Pit

Give the gift of fire with one of these incredible indoor fire pits – they can even toast marshmallows with it!

22. Video Doorbell

Keep them safe and secure by getting them set up with a video doorbell so they can monitor who is coming and going from their new abode.

23. Echo Show

Get them their own personal assistant, Alexa, built into an Echo Show device.

24. Smart Plugs

They’ll be able to control all of the appliances in their new house with just their voice with the help of Alexa or the Google Assistant and these smart plugs.

25. Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Like it or not, the reality is, someone is going to have to clean the new home! Give them the tools they’ll need, like a stick vacuum cleaner.

26. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Or, if you know cleaning is not something they’ll be keen on getting stuck into, get them a robot vacuum – at least that way someone is cleaning the floors!

27. First Aid Kit

Practical and useful, hopefully it will never be needed, but a well equipped first aid kit is a must for every home.

28. Air Purifier

If they’ve moved into an old place where dust and mold could be an issue, or even if they’re sensitive to seasonal pollen, then an air purifier will be a welcome addition to their new home.

29. Map Artwork

Put their new home on the map with this uniquely designed map artwork. It will take pride of place in their new home.

Choosing a gift shouldn’t be difficult, it should be a fun experience for both the giver and the receiver! We hope we’ve made the process a little easier for you with all of our gift giving guides.

Housewarming gifts for young adults are easy to find. Choose from our list of gift ideas or, maybe, we’ve given you some inspiration for a different kind of gift.

Whichever gift you choose, your recipients will just be thankful that you’re sharing the experience of their new home with them!

Happy Gift Giving!