Mother’s Day comes around every year and it’s nice to acknowledge and appreciate all the mothers out there, after all none of us would be here without our mothers! But, what about the mother of all mother’s, the grandmother?

Whether you call her Grandma, Granny, Nanny or Nana, every grandmother deserves a gift on Mother’s Day too, after all, she is the ‘Grand’-mother, and that’s something too special to ignore!

If you can, take some time to spend some quality time with one, or both, of your grandmother’s this year for Mother’s Day. All they ever really want is to feel involved and a part of their grandchildren’s lives, so take them out for high tea, a trip to the theater, or make them a special dinner at home.

Any of these experiences would be a great gift for any grandma for Mother’s Day, but if you’re looking for an actual gift to present to your Grandma for Mother’s Day, check out our long list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for Grandma below.

Gift Ideas for Grandmother on Mother's Day

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma

1. Old Fashioned Portrait Of Grandchildren

Surprise Grandma with a personalized portrait of her favorite grandchildren, there are plenty of different styles and designs to choose from.

2. Pet Portrait

Or turn her beloved pet into a work of art!

3. A Special Cushion Designed Just For Grandma’s Spot

She’ll never lose her glasses or the remote control with a handy cushion like this!

4. Grandma’s Tote Bag

Every Grandma who likes to ‘visit, love, spoil and repeat’ needs a bag like this!

5. Best Grandma Ever Plant Pots

Perfect for growing herbs, succulents or flowers, these little pots let grandma know how you really feel about her.

6. Grandma Throw Blanket

Every Grandma likes to snuggle up and get cozy from time to time, and what better way to do it than with this throw blanket that is basically an ode to all the good things Grandmas have to offer!

7. Grandma T-shirt

For the hip grandma, a t-shirt defining #grandma life could be the perfect present this mother’s day!

8. Grandma Mug

If yours is the type of Grandma who doesn’t mine the odd cuss or swear word, then she might get a kick out of this mug!

9. Customized Family Portrait

This would look great on Grandma’s wall.

10. Family Birthday Reminder Calendar

So she never forgets any of the special family birthdays, this calendar also looks great too!

11. Grandma’s Kitchen Cutting Board

Where memories are made and grandkids are spoiled!

12. Grandma’s House Candle

Everyone enjoys a nice scented candle, but when it reminds us of Grandma’s house, it’s even more special.

13. What’s Your Story?

Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your grandmother by giving her this journal to fill in.

14. Personalized Doormat

Choose whatever you want to print on this customizable doormat – just remember to wipe your feet when you stop by for a visit!

15. Funny Grandma Mug

It’s true – nobody wants ugly grandchildren!

16. Grandma Dish Towel

This dish towel is sure to give Grandma a smile on Mother’s Day!

17. Greatest Grandma Figurine

It’s just so cute! Grandma is sure to love it!

18. Wash Bag

If your grandma is more of a glam-ma, she’s going to love this wash bag!

19. Customized Grandma Sweatshirt

Figure out the year your grandma first became a grandma and then customize a sweatshirt like this!

20. Neck Massager

Every grandma deserves to feel good on Mother’s day, and a neck massager is just the thing to help her feel good.

21. Disney Baseball Cap

If your grandma is a Disney fan, she’ll love a cap like this.

22. Shower Steamers

Make her showers a bit more special with a set of shower steamers.

23. Bath Bombs

Or, if she’d prefer a bath, get grandma a set of bath bombs.

24. Customizable Mug

Use an adorable baby photo to customize a special mug for Grandma.

25. Personalized Family Tree

Add your family’s names to this customizable family tree.

26. AeroGarden

Get Grandma an AeroGarden so she can grow her own herbs indoors all year round.

27. Tea Sampler

If Grandma is fond of a cup of tea, she might enjoy this tea sampler kit.

28. Indoor Pot Plant

Grandma’s are good at taking care of things so a pot plant could be right up her alley!

29. A Subscription Box Just For Grandma

Why just choose one gift for Grandma when you could subscribe to one of these great subscription gift boxes and keep the surprises coming every month? There are plenty of subscription boxes Grandma is sure to love, here are a few of our favorites:

Grandmas come in all different shapes and sizes and have many different interests and needs. Don’t get stuck with a boring gift for Grandma this Mother’s Day, choose something she’ll really love and appreciate.

Hopefully, if nothing else, our list of gift ideas for Grandma has got your creative, gift giving juices flowing and given you some inspiration to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your Grandma!

Happy Gift Giving!