You have found our ultimate guide for the best push present ideas! Whether you’re a partner, family member, or a close friend searching for the perfect gift to celebrate a new mom’s remarkable journey, we’ve got you covered.

For everything you need to know about push present etiquette and the history of push presents, click here. But, the briefer, abridged version, is this: A push present is a heartfelt token of appreciation, a symbol of love and support, and a way to honor the incredible strength and resilience displayed during childbirth.

We’ve curated a handpicked selection of thoughtful and meaningful push present ideas that are bound to make her heart soar. From personalized keepsakes to luxurious indulgences, let’s explore the most wonderful gifts to commemorate this joyous occasion. Get ready to be inspired and find that perfect push present that will create cherished memories for years to come!

Best Push Present Idea

Push Present Ideas

OK, let’s begin with some really good ideas for gifts that would make a good push present for a new mom, and then, further below, you’ll find our luxury push present ideas for if you really want to splurge on a luxurious present for your wife.


Probably the most common of all the push present ideas out there, you don’t have to break the bank to buy a token gift of jewelry for the new mom in your life. Here are some affordable options:

Pampering Kit

She has just been through so much! She’s unlikely to have much time to herself to indulge in some self pampering, but having a kit of goodies handy means she can whenever she finds a minute to herself!

Funny Wine Glass

If she enjoys a glass of wine but has had to go without for those long pregnant months, then she might get a kick out of a cheap and cheerful gift like this: (you could even supply the wine to go in it).

Tote Bag

For some reason motherhood seems to involve carrying a lot of extra things with you! One of these tote bags would make a cute, and useful, gift for a new mom.

Baby Keepsake Box

A beautiful box to store mementos like the baby’s first lock of hair, hospital bracelet, or first tooth would make a great present for any new mom.

Personalized Photo Frame

A special frame to showcase a photo of the new family or the baby’s first picture.

Engraved Keychain

Mark the special occasion with an engraved keychain – bonus points if the keys to a new car are attached!

Luxury Diaper Bag

Because they’ll always need diapers and a swag of other baby essentials with them, a stylish and functional diaper bag with plenty of compartments and space for all the baby essentials is a must have for any new mom.

Personalized Birth Announcement

Give them a fun way to show off their new baby to the world with one of these cute, personalized birth announcement ideas:

Subscription Box for New Moms

A monthly subscription box that provides useful and fun items tailored to new moms’ needs would be a fun, ongoing way to celebrate this huge (new) life event.

Choose from a new mom and baby skin care subscription , a breastfeeding subscription box or a  pampering mama box.

Meal Subscription or Delivery Service

Life with a newborn is all-consuming and exhausting to the point where cooking dinner is sometimes simply out of the question. Imagine how popular you might be if you’ve organized another way to get the evening meal on the table!

Luxury Push Present Ideas

For the new mom who adores the finer things in life, one of these luxurious gift ideas would be well received as the ultimate push present:

New Car

If your budget allows and both partners agree, a new car is the ultimate luxury push present, and it’s practical too!

Every new mom needs a vehicle that has enough space for properly installed baby/child safety seats as well as plenty of space to fit all of the baby related bits and pieces that need to be lugged around for the first few months of a baby’s life.

Designer Handbag

A luxurious designer handbag, such as a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Chanel, to celebrate this special occasion, after all she’s a woman, not just a mom!

Fine Jewelry

Exquisite jewelry pieces like diamond earrings, a statement necklace, or a luxury watch. Visit your local high end jewelry store and get her a keepsake to wear and remember.

High-End Skincare Set

A premium skincare set from a luxury brand like La Mer or Sisley, offering indulgent self-care for the new mom.

Spa Retreat

Plan a luxurious weekend getaway or a spa retreat for the new mom to relax and rejuvenate.

Designer Shoes

Just like a designer handbag, a pair of luxurious shoes from brands like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, or Manolo Blahnik could be just the right gift to make a new mom feel special again.

Fine Champagne or Wine

While a new mom shouldn’t indulge while she’s breastfeeding, a bottle of fine champagne or wine, perhaps from a prestigious vineyard, could still be purchased and given to celebrate the new addition to the family – she’ll be able to enjoy it again soon.

Customized Artwork

Commission a talented artist to create a personalized piece of artwork or a portrait of the new family. If she’s got a favorite (living) artist, they would be a great place to start.

Luxury Timepiece

Mark this significant life event with a sophisticated and stylish luxury watch from renowned brands like Rolex, Omega, or Cartier.

Private Chef Experience

Finding time to cook or eat out is difficult with a newborn in the house, take a regular meal delivery service up a notch and arrange for a private chef to prepare a gourmet meal for the new parents in the comfort of their own home.

Date night at home with gourmet food while the baby sleeps – the perfect luxury gift for a new mom!

Remember to consider the recipient’s personal preferences and tastes when choosing a luxury push present. If knowing that you’ve spent a lot of money on her might be stressful for the new mom, then don’t do it – she has enough on her plate without worrying about finances as well.

But, if the money is there and she enjoys being spoiled then go for it!

Selecting a thoughtful and meaningful push present is a wonderful way to celebrate and honor the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Whether you opt for sentimental keepsakes, personalized jewelry, pampering experiences, or luxurious gifts, the key is to choose something that resonates with the new mom’s personality and preferences.

By acknowledging the incredible strength, love, and sacrifice involved in bringing a new life into the world, a well-chosen push present can become a cherished symbol of appreciation and support. It’s an opportunity to shower the new mom with love, recognition, and gratitude for the incredible gift she has given.

Remember, the best push present is one that comes from the heart and reflects the joy and excitement of this remarkable moment. Whether it’s a small token of affection or an extravagant luxury item, what truly matters is the thought behind the gift and the love it represents.

So, take the time to consider the new mom’s interests, desires, and aspirations as you explore the wide array of push present ideas. Choose something that will bring her joy, comfort, and a lasting reminder of this incredible milestone.

After all, the best push presents are not just material possessions; they are gestures that celebrate the precious bond between a mother and her child, forever etching this beautiful moment in their hearts.