We all know someone in our lives who is filled with entrepreneurial spirit. You know, they’re the ones running their own business or quietly working on their side hustle every spare minute of the day.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, men, women, old and new, there are even plenty of budding young entrepreneurs who have already got their business up and running while still at school.

Whoever the entrepreneur is in your life, we know when it’s gift giving time (birthday, Christmas or whatever the occasion) it can be hard to know what to buy for the entrepreneur in your life. That’s where we step in with our list of practical gifts for entrepreneurs!

What every entrepreneur wants is for their business venture/s, big or small, to be successful. They put their heart and soul into developing and building their ideas into a solid, tangible business or product, not to mention a whole lot of money and time.

So, the thing that would mean the most to the entrepreneur in your life is for their business or product idea to take off and be successful.

Great Gifts Ideas for Entrepreneurs

We know that you alone can probably not make that happen! So here are our suggestions of gift ideas that are practical and could be useful to help any entrepreneur achieve their dreams no matter how lofty they might be.

1. Support Their Business

This gift doesn’t have to cost you a cent – simply like, comment and share any social media efforts your entrepreneur has in place for their business. Tell your friends and be supportive. If you have the funds, and the interest in the product or idea, consider buying something from them.

High on most entrepreneurs wish list is “more sales” so, if you can help make that happen, it would be a great gift for the entrepreneur in your life.

Gifts for Entrepreneurs

2. A Coffee Mug

A lot of entrepreneurs thrive on coffee to keep them going during those long, business building working hours. A coffee mug that tells it like it is could be the perfect gift!

3. Education

Depending on the stage your entrepreneur is at, they might like some help funding some training to help their business grow. There are heaps of courses and qualifications available online to help budding entrepreneurs learn about just about any aspect and type of business.

From selling online, marketing, web design, affiliate marketing, you name it, there’s a course that will teach all the skills needed.

Prices vary greatly depending on what the subject is and who is teaching it, you could expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $5,000 depending on what the course is. You would need to speak to your entrepreneur first about this to see what and if this would be something useful for them.

4. A Big Whiteboard

As a place to brainstorm ideas and collaborate with team members, nothing beats a big whiteboard.

5. Mind Your Business Workbook

If they’re just starting out and trying to figure out how to turn their passion into a full time or side business, this workbook will take them through the journey step by step.

6. Motivational Pen

Every entrepreneur needs a good pen for signing all those deals and contracts. This one will help to keep them on track and remind them to keep following their dreams.

7. Card Game

If it’s a young entrepreneur you’re buying for, or just someone who likes to play games and have fun, this card game is perfect for playing and learning about wealth and assets.

8. Books To Encourage And Develop The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are always learning and improving, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through self education and reading lots of books. Any of the following would be a great asset to an entrepreneur’s library.

9. An Entrepreneurial Shirt

Let your entrepreneur show the world about their entrepreneurial spirit with some merch to suit their lifestyle.

10. Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack

Perfect for entrepreneurs on the go, this backpack allows easy charging and keeps your laptop safe.

11. Magazine Subscription

Help your entrepreneur keep up to date with all the latest happenings with a subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine.

12. Jewelry

You can’t go wrong with jewelry!

13. Business Planner

Help to keep them focussed and on track to meet their goals with a business planner designed for entrepreneurs.

14. Business Card Magnets

Help your entrepreneur to spread the word about their business by turning their business cards into fridge magnets!

15. A Subscription Box

There’s nothing like getting a monthly delivery of joy and inspiration to help keep your business goals on track. Spoil the entrepreneur in your life to a subscription to one of these cool subscription boxes designed with entrepreneurs in mind.

Keep their home office productive and happy with a Work Home Happy box.

Or subscribe them to CoachCrate for a monthly delivery of personal growth and life coaching.

Whatever stage they are at, hopefully we’ve managed to give you some ideas and inspiration for practical gifts for the entrepreneur in your life.

Happy Gift Giving!