There are so many reasons why you might be searching for good gift ideas for midwives. You might: 

  • Know a midwife and want to get them a gift for their birthday or for Christmas that acknowledges their profession.
  • Be about to give birth and want to take a gift with you to the hospital to thank your doula or midwife after giving birth.
  • Be so thankful to a particular midwife who helped deliver your baby that you want to get them a gift.
  • Know someone who is a midwifery student and want to get them a gift to cheer them on in their studies.
  • Know someone who is a newly qualified midwife and you would like to get them a midwifery themed graduation gift.

Whatever your reason for looking for good gifts for midwives, we have got all of the best and unique midwife present ideas right here for you to peruse and choose from.

Gift Ideas For Midwives

Midwives are truly special people who literally help our population to continue to grow. They’re bringing new life into the world each day so the least we can do is to choose an appropriate gift for them!

Gifts For Midwives

1. Midwifery Themed Mug

There’s usually a fair bit of coffee consumed in the world of a midwife. Any of these mugs for midwives would be popular:

2. Midwife Themed T Shirt

Let them be proud of their super midwife powers and wear their profession proudly on their t-shirt!

3. Pregnancy Wall Art

To brighten up any room!

4. Midwife Themed Tote Bag

Perfect for carrying around lots of ‘stuff’.

5. Midwife Socks

Every midwife needs socks!

6. Happy Uterus Fuzzy Blanket

At the end of a day (or night) of catching babies every midwife deserves the chance to curl up under a fuzzy blanket and relax. When that blanket happens to be uterus themed, you’re sure to get a smile out of your favorite midwife!

7. Midwife Themed Keyring

Or keychain to keep their keys together.

8. Something Nice to Help Them Relax

Bath bombs, shower steamers, hand creams, any of these would be appreciated by a hardworking midwife.

9. Self Massage Devices

Delivering babies can be quite physically exhausting. Your midwife might like a way to massage away the day’s troubles.

10. Midwife Themed Make-Up/Cosmetic Bag

This could even double as a pencil case if that’s more useful for the midwife in your life.

11. Uterus Pendant

Yes, you can get jewelry in the shape of a uterus! Every midwife would love this necklace!

12. Midwife Popsocket

Help them to get a good grip on their phone or tablet with a midwifery themed popsocket.

13. Comfortable Shoes

Nursing of any kind is very demanding on the feet. Make sure your midwife is well equipped with comfortable shoes.

14. Foot Massager

On a similar note, a foot massager might be just what your midwife needs after a day on their feet.

16. A Midwife Themed Phone Docking Station

Perfect for charging their phone and keeping all their bits and pieces together.

17. Aromatherapy Diffuser and Essential Oils

Give your favorite midwife the tools they need to turn their home into a calm and relaxing space with an aromatherapy diffuser and/or some essential oils to go with it.

18. Pregnant Belly Planter Pots

If the midwife in your life is fond of indoor houseplants, then they’ll love one of these cute planter pots!

19. Pot Plant

You might just like to get them a Pot Plant:

20. Chocolates!

You can’t go wrong with a nice box of chocolates! This is the perfect gift to take along in your hospital bag to give to the midwives after you’ve given birth.

21. Subscription Box

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a Subscription Box! Any of the following subscription boxes would be a delight for a midwife to receive:

Student Midwife Gifts

If the midwife you’re shopping for is still learning their craft, you could potentially buy them any of the above products, but you might also like to look through the following gift ideas specifically for midwifery students.

1. Midwife In Progress Mug

Nothing like a cup of coffee in their own special midwifery themed mug to help a student midwife get through their studies!

2. Cervical Dilation Tool

Help your student midwife to visualize how far a cervix has dilated with this amazing tool.

3. Student Midwife Birth Tracker

A great way for your favorite student midwife to keep track of the births they have attended on their way to becoming a midwife.

4. Student Midwife Planner

Help them to keep track of everything that’s going on in their world with this student midwife planner.

5. Student Midwife T Shirt

Let them show the world that they’re in the process of becoming a midwife with one of these great tees.

6. Student Midwife Name Badge

Sure, their hospital might provide them with one, but it won’t be as beautiful as one of these!

7. Midwifery Bundle Pack

Help your midwifery student with a great bundle of resources.

Choosing a gift for a midwife can be fun! If you know the midwife well then you can go ahead and order something that will put a smile on their face.

If you’re just looking for a token gift to take to the hospital with you, for after giving birth, then chocolates, a small pot plant or maybe a midwifery keyring or mug are probably your best options.

Whichever gift you choose to get for your lucky midwife, we hope you manage to bring a smile to their face, and maybe even a laugh or two!

Happy Gift Giving!