It could be the end of the school year, graduation, Christmas or just because you appreciate them, but at some point in your life you will likely be looking for gifts for your math teacher.

Whether it’s a cool, funny or practical gift you’re looking for, our Math Teacher Gifts Guide has got something to suit every maths teacher or professor.

Maybe they taught you how to multiply fractions, algebra or finally got you to understand calculus, whatever the reason, find your math teacher a cool gift in our Math Teacher Gift Guide below.

Math Teacher Gift Ideas

Every math teacher needs a special math teacher coffee mug. There are some very funny math teacher mugs out there, here are a few of our favorites:

If they’re not a coffee drinker and would rather drink water, this math water bottle could be very useful.

This amazing maths clock would be perfect for brightening up the classroom – just don’t expect the students to be able to tell the time on it!

If you think your math teacher needs to take some time out and calm down, you might like to introduce them to the calming powers of coloring-in, math teacher themed of course!

Don’t forget some coloring pens or markers to complete the set.

Perhaps some inspirational math inspired artwork, or a math decal or poster for the classroom walls.

If you think your math teacher caused you too many problems, how about a puzzle to really get them thinking?

Give your math teacher the gift of style with these cool math tees.

And don’t forget to add to their style with some math inspired accessories.

Every maths teacher needs a special pen to mark all those tests and homework assignments, and this one’s more than just a pen, it’s also an LED light and stylus! It comes in a neat pen box making it perfect for gift giving.

Find us a math teacher who wouldn’t love to make pie in a pi pie pan!

If your math teacher likes to make sure your work is perfect, they might like this type of cutting board – perfect for perfectionists!

The gift of jewelry is always welcome, mathematicians are no exception!

Every math teacher’s house needs a cushion like this!

If your math teacher could do with an improvement in the sense of humour department, perhaps a math joke book can steer them in the right direction.

Math teachers always want to look smart, does anything look smarter than a math hat?

If all else fails, teachers are always happy to receive movie tickets, vouchers and bottles of wine. Add one of the funny math teacher gifts from the list above and you’ve got yourself a great math teacher gift!

Happy Gift Giving!