Wine Gifts For Her

Wine Gifts For Her

I was going to write you a lengthy article about the best “wine gifts for her”. We’ve all got plenty of female friends and girlfriends in our lives who love to indulge in a wine or two now and again.

I know I’ve got plenty of friends who love their wine, so I’ve been in a position to buy gifts for wine lovers many times. But, truthfully, I’ve never actually bought a “wine” inspired present for anyone before! My wine loving friends have all received different types of gifts for their birthdays aimed at other hobbies and interests that they have. I’m not a wine drinker myself (gasp!), in fact I don’t drink any alcohol! Not for religious or righteous reasons, I simply don’t like the taste of it!

With that in mind, I wondered if I was the right person to be coming up with ideas for gifts for wine lovers. I did some research and discovered a list of gifts inspired by experts in their field. I liked their list so much that I decided there was no point in re-inventing the wheel for our gift guide so, I checked with the good people at and they are very happy for me to direct any of you looking for gift ideas for wine lovers over to their Gifts For Wine Lovers list.

If you scroll to the bottom of the list you’ll even see some cute wine jewelry, who wouldn’t want to wear a wine glass on their necklace?!

And the wine purse is a genius idea that I bet many of my wine drinking friends would adore.

Cool Gifts For Wine Lovers

My only other suggestions to add to the list would obviously be some wine – easier said than done if you’re someone like me who doesn’t drink the stuff and wouldn’t know their riesling from a claret! But, if you know a thing or two about wine, and more specifically about what your gift recipient likes to drink, then a really nice bottle or two would make a great gift.

For an even grander gesture, an experience such as a trip to a winery or some wine tasting lessons might be very much enjoyed by your wine loving recipient. This would obviously depend on where you live and what there is to offer in your region, but a quick google search should give you plenty of local-ish options to choose from.

So hopefully these ideas and those on the gift guide from Serve My Drink have got your creative, gift giving juices flowing and you’ve now got some great ideas about wine gifts for her.

Happy Gift Giving!


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