As an avid reader myself I can assure you that I know what the reader in your life wants to receive as a gift.


They want books!

Gifts For Book Lovers

The problem you may have encountered however, is that you don’t know which books to get – what do they like to read and what have they already read?

Unfortunately, I can’t help you there. If your reading recipient has given you a list of books they would like, problem solved! Work away at that list until it is exhausted and then get your recipient to add more as required.

But, most of us are not in that position when buying for a reader, so this guide is going to assume that you don’t know what books to buy and we’ll look at other things that may complement the reading lifestyle….

Cool Gifts For Readers

1.  Gift Card. It seems a lazy option I know but sometimes a gift card for a bookstore (or even feels like it’s opening up a whole realm of possibilities for a reader.

I know I’ve never been disappointed to receive a gift card knowing that I can then spend many happy hours choosing new books to read. If you feel it’s too impersonal you can always add an actual gift to go with it.

2.  Socks! Every reader needs a pair of socks like these!

3.  Most serious readers enjoy a beverage or two whilst engaging in their favorite habit, now they can do so in style!

4.  If your reader is a librocubicularist (they do their reading in bed), you’ll want to help make them more comfortable with some of these great ideas:

I’ve never tried these and, to be honest, not sure how good they would be, but they are certainly unusual and it’s unlikely that your recipient already has a pair!

This looks comfy for long reading sessions!

Or you could go for the bed wedge style:

A book couch or tablet holder could also be useful – the couch is cute but we also like the Buddha!

And don’t forget some PJ’s!

5.  Whether reading in bed or on the go, a book light can be very handy. I’ve tried ones that attach to your book without much success – they tend to wobble and flop a bit and make it difficult to turn the pages, but this around-the-neck style looks really good!

6.  Every reader’s couch needs a cushion like this!

7.  And maybe a throw blanket to match the theme!

8.  How about a pendant that describes reading perfectly?

9.  Or a bangle!

10.  A bag for carrying books when you’re on the go.

11.  This is not something I would personally use as it feels a bit like homework(!) but it might be something of interest to your reader, especially if they are into journaling.

It could also be really handy for you to use as a reference next time you need to buy them a gift as you’ll be able to look through the journal and see which books they’ve already read!

12.  How about an infinity scarf that looks pretty and is covered with books!

13.  If your reader is a Jane Austen fan, they will love this coaster set! We don’t even use coasters in our house but I still want a set of these!

14.  On a lighter note, if your reader enjoys the occasional cocktail, this looks fun!

15.  Finally, every good reader deserves a bookish t-shirt – the question is, which one?

If all else fails, some snacks, wine, tea or coffee to be enjoyed while reading would undoubtedly be popular. But, the big thing every reader really wants is time! By just allocating them a couple of hours to enjoy reading undisturbed, you may be giving them the greatest gift of all!

Happy Gift Giving!