When that time of year rolls around again and you’re looking for Easter gift ideas for the kids in your life, don’t panic! Kids are so easy to please and Easter is such a fun and exciting time for them – I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and go hunting for chocolate?!

Nevertheless, if you’re in charge of filling some Easter baskets with goodies for some special kids in your life, our Easter gift guide has got you covered!

We’re going to assume that the chocolate aspect of your Easter giving has been well taken care of by the Easter Bunny himself, so we’re just going to look at some great option other than chocolate to give to kids at this time of year!

Cool Easter Gifts For Kids

1.  Nothing spreads laughter like a joke book, and this one is chock full of Easter jokes to enjoy a happy easter!

2.  Young kids might enjoy a new picture book. Sticking with our Easter theme, let’s make it a book about being a bunny!

3.  Every kid needs their own fluffy bunny to cuddle and this one is the cutest one out there! My kids have one of these and it is the softest, fluffiest, cuddliest bunny ever!

4.  Of course, if they’re just not that into rabbits, this adorable stuffed sheep would also make an extremely cute Easter gift. 

5.  If you’ve got a crafty kid on your hands, an Easter craft kit is a great way to fill some time between eating chocolate eggs.

6.  Want to give your kids some chocolate-free eggs? These ideas would be fun!

7.  Get the kids outside with some sidewalk chalk – great for physical activity and creativity!

8.  These adorable little Easter hair bows would be gorgeous in any little girl’s hair!

9.  Every little bunny needs some ears and a rabbit tail!

10.  Keep them entertained over the Easter break with some Easter Lego.

11.  Keep them busy for hours with an Easter coloring book, and don’t forget some colored markers for all that coloring!

12.  Get them to look the part in an Easter tee.

13.  And don’t forget some Easter PJ’s.

14.  Complete any outfit with some Easter socks!

15.  Get them interested in the great outdoors with a gardening set.

16.  Or get them started with their very own flower garden – perfect for Spring!

17.  With warmer weather on the way, how about some new yard games?
This safe version of lawn darts looks great, or they might like giant inflatable bowling – sure to get everyone outside and having fun!

18.  For total hilarity at your family Easter event, someone needs to have these inflatable bunny ears! These come in a 2 pack so you can share the fun!

Plenty of inspiration for Easter gift ideas for kids to fill those Easter baskets, grab what you need and let the Easter Bunny take care of the rest!

Happy Gift Giving!