There are many reasons why you might be looking to buy a good host or hostess gift.

From a small token to thank your hosts for inviting you to their dinner party, right through to a thoughtful gift to present to your hosts after having you to stay for the weekend or the holidays, a host or hostess gift doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but should just be an acknowledgment that you are grateful for what your hosts have provided for you.

Whether it be for a simple meal or a week-long stay in their lake house or beach house, a hostess gift will always be appreciated.

Here are some great host or hostess gift ideas to take along with you next time you’re invited to a party or a getaway.

Host Or Hostess Gifts

1. Chocolates!

You can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates! If you’re lucky your host might even choose to share them with the guests – that’s called a win-win situation!

2. Gift boxed cookies

If chocolates aren’t your thing, maybe your hosts would appreciate some very fancy looking cookies or biscuits, all packaged beautifully to make it look as though you’ve put a lot of effort into choosing the gift!

3. Conversation Starters

While most good hosts don’t need help getting a conversation started, you’ll be surprised what you can learn about the other party guests when you’ve got a few helpful prompts like these to guide you!

4. Candles that look like succulents.

This cute little set will make any lover of succulents (or candles) happy and, as opposed to live succulent plants, you don’t have to worry about how you transport and care for them before giving them to your hosts.

5. Scented candles

If you think your hosts would prefer scented candles to succulent-looking candles, this gift set of sweet smelling candles could be just the gift you’re looking for.

6. Thank You Candle

Sticking with the candle theme, this candle says it all! Everybody loves a candle!

7. Cheese Board

Everyone loves a fancy cheese board and this one comes with all the accessories. If you’re lucky, next time you come to visit your hosts might offer you a lovely platter of cheese!

8. A fancy salt grinder

Perfect for any host or hostess who likes to serve food – they won’t have to use plain old ordinary salt on the table anymore with this fancy pink himalayan salt grinder.

9. A tiered serving stand

Help your hosts to turn their next event into something really special with this gorgeous ceramic tiered stand – perfect for parties and high tea!

10. Wine Markers

Who knew you could write on your wine glasses? These wine glass markers are a great idea for hosts who like to host a lot.

11. Wine Charms

If you think your hosts would probably rather not draw all over their wine glasses, they might prefer a more traditional way of keeping track of whose wine glass is whose, like these wine charms.

12. Colorful Cocktail Spoons

Perfect for when people prefer their drinks stirred, not shaken!

13. Mike’s Hot Honey

Apparently it goes perfectly with just about everything! Your hosts are gonna love it!

14. Pizza Cutter and Cutting Board Set

Perfect for homemade pizza chefs, the cutting board has grooves to help cut the pizza evenly, or it can be flipped over to the other side and used as a cheese board! A very useful and versatile gift!

15. Kitchen Towels

Spice up their kitchen with some cute and funny kitchen towels – you can never have too many!

16. Cocktail Kit Set

Whether they like their Champagne cocktail or a classic gin and tonic, this kit has got them covered!

17. Moscow Mule Kit

You can’t make a Moscow Mule without some copper plated mugs!

18. Wine Chiller

Perfect for getting the wine chilled just right.

19. Herb Growing Kit

Home grown herbs are so useful, your hosts will love having fresh herbs right at their fingertips.

20. Funny Ice Cube Tray

Perfect for their Gin & Titanic(!) this ice cube tray adds a bit of humor to 5 o’clock drinks!

21. Foodie Dice

Take the guesswork out of meal planning and leave it to chance with this cool hostess gift idea.

22. A Guacamole Dish

This dish adds a bit of fun to guacamole.

23. Wine Stoppers

Believe it or not, sometimes there is leftover wine! These amusing wine stoppers will help your hosts to preserve their wine to enjoy it again later.

24. Stylish Coasters

Stylish but always useful, a set of coasters is sure to be well received.

25. A Set Of Cute And Witty Spreaders

Don’t let your hosts go on using ordinary knives to spread their condiments any longer! These amusing little spreader knives will add some excitement to the breakfast table!

26. Wine In A Gift Bag

A bottle of wine is always a great hostess gift idea, but don’t forget to wrap it in a statement making gift bag!

27. Relative Insanity

If your host or hostess is a relative of yours, you might all enjoy a game of “Relative Insanity” – just imagine the fun at your next Thanksgiving dinner!

28. Shower Steamers

When all of the hosting is done, your host or hostess needs something like these aromatherapy shower steamers to relax and refresh.

29. Serving Bowls

Let your hosts decide what they’ll use them for – salad, chips, popcorn or pasta – every house needs some bowls like these.

30. Murder Mystery Game

If you’re lucky, you might get invited back to another dinner party, this time with a murder mystery theme!

31. A Pyramid For Success

Fill your host or hostess’s house with good vibes with a pyramid like this one – bonus points: I bet they don’t already have one of these!

32. A Margarita Freeze Cup

If your host is fond of a Margarita (or any other cold/frosty drinks) this freeze cup is sure to be a hit.

33. Hummingbird Feeder

If you’ve been to stay at a lake house or country retreat, show your hosts your appreciation of their hospitality by buying them something for the house like a bird feeder – next time you visit you might get to see lots of birds!

34. Cheese Making Kit

Encourage your host’s culinary skills with a cheese making kit.

35. A Cute Little Candy Jar

A perfect way to keep some candy within reach!

36. Willow Tree Just For You Angel

If all else fails, this is a pretty way to say thank you to your hosts.

It’s always nice to thank your hosts, whether it’s just for a dinner party or for an extended stay, never turn up empty handed. A plate of food to share, a bottle of wine, some flowers, or a gift you’ve chosen from our list of hostess gifts will always be appreciated.

Happy Gift Giving!