Are you looking for a great gift idea for your friend or family member who happens to be a doctor? Or maybe you need a great present to give to your own medical doctor, to show your gratitude for their care and attention (maybe even saving your life!).

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our handy gift giving guide. This guide is chock full of great gift ideas that will make the doctor in your life really happy. Look no further than our list below of good gifts for doctors.

Gift Ideas For Doctors

Whether it’s coffee or wine, every doctor needs to have a drink now and then, and there’s no better drinking vessel than one that celebrates their occupation!

Here are some of the best (and funniest) mugs and wine glasses sure to put a smile on your doctor’s face.

There’s a famous quote from Hippocrates: “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”. Show the doctor in your life that you truly appreciate everything they do for humanity with a special pen like this one:

And/or, maybe some fun, medical humor notepads for them to write on.

Let them show off their amazing profession for the whole world to see just how proud they are to be a doctor. A lot of work went into that medical degree, it’s their time to shine in one of these medical or doctor inspired t-shirts!

Or, if wearing their profession loud and proud on their t-shirt wouldn’t suit them, maybe they’d like a pair of medically inspired socks!

After a day of treating patients, every good doctor knows they need to look after themselves. Help them soothe away the aches and pains of the day with a massage gun that really means business!

Or ease the tension from their neck and shoulders with a shiatsu neck massager.

In the spirit of relaxing after a hard day’s work, how about a weighted blanket to snuggle up under?

While they’re snuggled up under their blanket, they might like to practice their diagnostic skills by catching up on some “House” with the full box set of DVDs.

Or, if coloring is more their thing, they might enjoy this coloring book of infectious diseases to color in in their down time!

If you think a bottle of wine might be just what your doctor ordered, but you want to make the bottle a little more fun and interesting, you can’t go past one of these:

If they’re going to have wine, they’ll need some cheese to go with it! Everything in moderation of course, but a cheese board and knife set is a classic gift just about anyone would appreciate, including doctors!

Every doctor should practice what they preach as far as healthy eating goes, and you can’t get much healthier than freshly grown herbs and vegetables grown in an AeroGarden.

Give them a gift that will fascinate their patients – a levitating pot plant is sure to be a conversation starter on any doctor’s desk!

Or, maybe they’d prefer a more traditional, non levitating pot plant for their desk.

Doctors tend to be well educated people who love learning new things. A perfect hobby for them could be learning the art of bonsai – they’ll be learning new skills while also getting into that relaxed “zen” mode that goes with any bonsai tree!

It may be a cliche that doctors like to play golf (I don’t know how they’d find the time!), but, if the doctor in your life actually does happen to enjoy a game of golf now and then, these novelty, doctor inspired golf balls could be a popular gift idea.

This guy is pretty cute! It’s a flash drive, so it’s handy and cute!

These vintage medical prints would make the perfect art for their clinic or office walls.

Every doctor knows just how important the brain is, so they’re sure to be happy to receive brain inspired decor like these brain bookends!

This brain artwork:

Or these brain specimen coasters!

We all know doctors work hard and, sometimes that means late nights and early mornings, so one of the best things to get the doctor in your life is a coffee machine to give them that caffeine boost to get them through the day.

A subscription box is a great way to remind the doctor in your life just how important and special they are to you.

If it’s a doctor who happens to be female, they might enjoy a subscription to “Stethi” which is a subscription box curated especially for women in medicine.

Meanwhile doctors of either gender and any age might enjoy receiving subscription boxes like these:

Whatever gift you decide to give, we know that any doctor will appreciate the thought you’ve put into choosing a good gift for them.

Happy Gift Giving!