Before we can give you our suggestions for good white elephant gifts for adults, we need to discuss the (white) elephant in the room – what is a white elephant gift? A white elephant gift exchange is a really cool way to have fun and exchange gifts with a group of people.

Everyone brings along a wrapped gift, usually of up to a specified amount of dollars in value, say $10 or $25 dollars, and then they exchange these gifts in a slightly more interesting way than normal gift giving. Everything you need to know about the white elephant gift exchange game can be found here.

But, the crux of it is, these white elephant gifts are gifts that nobody really wants or needs! It’s almost like a game of “Old Maid”, who’ll be left with the worst present?

So how do you know what’s a good gift to buy for a white elephant gift exchange? That’s where the fun begins! Usually when shopping for white elephant gifts, the weirder and funnier the better!

Here is a list of items that we think would make good white elephant gifts.

Good White Elephant Gifts For Adults

A calendar filled with images of pooping dogs!

A Bob Ross bobblehead would be a perfect addition to any white elephant party game!

How about a tortilla blanket so the winner of your gift can wrap themselves up and look like a burrito? Sure to be a hit!

Or maybe a dinosaur taco holder!

A screaming goat book and figurine just screams “useless white elephant gift that nobody will want!”

Donald Trump determining your future? Could go either way!

If it’s a white elephant gift exchange for the office, this desktop cornhole game should go down a treat!

Surely everyone wants a device that allows you to clap your lights on and off!

These animal paw socks will go with any outfit.

If time management needs to be addressed amongst your friends, family or workmates, introduce them to this toilet timer! Sure to bring a laugh to everyone involved!

Obviously everyone could use a handy fanny pack like this one!

And, because toilet humor never gets old, these Code Brown emergency underpants are sure to be a hit!

At least no one will already have one of these…

Believe it or not, some people actually enjoy popping pimples!

Back to the toilet we go for a talking toilet roll holder – you get to record your own message!

These awkward family photos are sure to make things awkward!

This gift might actually be popular with some of the people there.

A way to drink our favorite beverages from the same drinking vessel? We’re listening!

Brushing your teeth with a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush? You know you want to!

Back to the toilet for some relaxing golf.

A mouse pad that looks like a turkish rug? Sure to be a winner!

And, finally, this t-shirt sums the whole game up quite nicely!

We’re sure you’re getting the idea now – funny, weird gifts make the best white elephant gifts and you’re limited only by your imagination and what you can find.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas and inspiration for good white elephant gifts for adults that are sure to be a hit at your next white elephant gift exchange event.