If you know someone who has just been accepted into law school, or maybe a student who has almost finished their law degree, at some point, whether it be for birthday, Christmas or some other occasion, you’re going to be looking for a good gift to give to a law student.

We’ve wracked our brains and asked around and come up with an ultimate list of great gift ideas for law students. Whether it’s something to help them earn their degree or something to help them see that their goal is in reach, our list of gift ideas is sure to have something to suit the law student in your life.

Gift Ideas For Law Students

There’s going to be plenty of reading to do in law school but, before they even get there, your law student should start reading up on this complete guide to law school.

Or this guide to happiness during law school.

While they’re reading, add another book about justice and redemption to their reading list.

Give them a gift that allows them to be proud and show off their achievements and ambition – a drinking vessel that lets the world know that law is their thing!

Or, a T-shirt that shows the world that they are in law school! There are heaps of fun options for these:

How about some law abiding socks patterned with the scales of justice?

Or maybe a keychain designed especially for lawyers?

A good bag for carrying laptop, books and all the essentials around campus is a must have. Choose from a messenger style bag or a laptop carrying backpack.

Surely every lawyer and law student’s dream is to have one of these!

How about a special pen designed with law and justice in mind?

This is a cute idea for any law students who always like to do their makeup before attending class!

Or add some fun to their lives with this set of fridge magnets for legal eagles.

Here’s another option for them to enjoy during their down time – coloring for lawyers!

A little bit of humor on a cushion to brighten up their room!

Who needs an expensive degree when you can get law school in a box?

On the more practical side – highlighters! Every good student (law school or otherwise) needs a set of these!

And, finally, once school is finished, these new lawyers will need to be armed with the best retorts and comebacks to answer all those lawyer jokes out there!

From the cheap to the more expensive, practical to funny, there’s something for every law student in our list of good gifts for law students. We hope you got some good ideas!

Happy Gift Giving!