If there’s a special someone in your life who is a huge fan of The Office, spoil them on their next birthday, Christmas or gift giving occasion with one of our great gift ideas for fans of The Office.

Just to be clear here, we’re not talking about people who are fans of working in the office! These are gifts for fans of the TV show “The Office”, specifically the American version of the original British show made by the BBC.

While based on the original BBC version, the American adaptation of the show, made by NBC, stayed on the air for 9 wonderful seasons totalling 201 episodes which aired between 2005 and 2013, so it’s fair to say it’s been pretty successful and managed to gather up a few fans over the years.

Now available to stream on various platforms depending on where you live in the world, The Office is enjoying another moment of renewed popularity and is being discovered by a whole new generation of fans.

If you’ve never watched The Office some of these gift ideas might not make much sense to you but, trust me, if the gift recipient is an Office fan, they’re going to love any of these great gift ideas.

Presents For The Office Fans

1. A box set of The Office DVD’s

Sure, we know you can stream and binge watch shows now, but securing all 201 episodes on DVD means you’ll always have access to them even if they take them off the streaming platform you are using. But, there’s an even more important reason than that!

I have it on good authority (thanks The Office Ladies!) that the DVD’s of the show have deleted scenes on them! So your fan can geek out and enjoy seeing footage they’ve never seen before – that’s got to keep any Office fan happy!

2. The Office Uno Card Game

Younger office fans will surely enjoy a game of this popular card game played “The Office” style!

3. The Office Picture Book

Younger fans, and adults too, might get a kick out of seeing their favorite Dunder Mifflin characters back in elementary school!

4. The Office : The Untold Story of The Greatest Sitcom Of The 2000s

For a more of a “behind the scenes” look at what went into making “The Greatest Sitcom Of The 2000s”, this book is a must have for all true Office fans.

5. World’s Best Boss Mug

Whether they’re a boss or not, your Office Fan will enjoy having their morning coffee in a replica of Michael Scott’s famous mug. This one even has “Dunder Mifflin” on it to really make sure it belongs in “The Office”.

6. A Green Teapot

Just like the classic gift that Jim bought for Pam in the first Christmas episode, you could even fill it with trinkets and treats that are special to your friend, just don’t go losing it in a game of Yankee Swap!

7. A Special Office Inspired Keyring

If you don’t think a full size teapot is your person’s cup of tea (pun intended!), how about a miniature version on a keyring to show them that you love them like Jim loves Pam!

8. A Dundie Award Trophy

Every fan of the office deserves one of these highly coveted Dundie Awards!

9. A Sign For The Office

Every home office with a fan of The Office inside, needs one of these on the door!

10. That’s What She Said

If your Office fan is a fan of Michael’s constant innuendos, they might enjoy a game of the original That’s What She Said.

11. That’s What She Said Button

Make life really easy for your The Office fan by giving them a That’s What She Said Button! They don’t even have to speak – just press the button whenever the timing is right!

12. Kevin Eating Broccoli Pillow

Add some class to their decor with this throw pillow depicting Kevin (not) eating broccoli! Classy!

13. The Office Bobbleheads

We know Dwight loves a bobblehead and we think he’d be pretty taken with this Michael Scott bobblehead too!

14. The Office Little People

Memorabilia collectors will love this collection of The Office characters made as Fisher-Price Little People!

15. The Office Construction Set

Very similar to Lego, this brick construction set will keep The Office fans busy building and constructing for hours!

16. The Office Trivia

Think your fan knows everything there is to know about The Office? Test them out with some Office trivia!

17. The Office Party Planning Guide

If you think your friend would be a good addition to the Party Planning Committee – this guide is a must have – it’s even got a recipe for Kevin’s Chili!

18. The Office Gear

There are so many options for clothing and merchandise to please any fan of The Office, here’s a few of our favorites:

So many options to choose from…there’s plenty more where that came from! Every fan of The Office should have at least one piece of merchandise to wear to share their love of The Office with the world!

19. The Office Mystery Gift Box

If you still can’t decide what to get for the fan of The Office in your life, perhaps this mystery gift box will fit the bill. It’s got a bobblehead, mug, lanyard and more so there’s bound to be a few things in there to delight any fan of The Office.

So, there you have it, our top 19 suggestions for things that would make good gifts for fans of The Office and, if you’re not a fan yet yourself, why not? Start streaming and watching today, it’s funny and addictive and sure to make you smile!

Happy Gift Giving!