2020 has been a whirlwind for everyone, but it has had its perks in getting lots of people into arts and crafts. You may already know a crafty person in your life, regardless if it’s your sister, your mother, a friend, or even yourself.

When it comes to serial knitters during special occasions you may ask yourself, “Are there any gifts for the knitter who has everything?” Sometimes it feels impossible to shop for those who already have everything.

Trust and believe, your favorite nifty knitter does not have all of the items listed below – they might already have some of them, but there’s bound to be something they would like from this list!

Gifts for Knitter who has Everything

Let’s have an overview of what a knitter already has. They probably already have an abundance of yarn that is enclosing them as we speak, knitting needles galore, and possibly some stitch markers.

However, new trends are surfacing every day in the knitting community. Let’s take a look at what the trends are and what kind of gifts you can give to your knitter.

Gifts For Knitters (Who Have Everything!)

1. Chunky Wool

Some beautiful chunky wool is perfect for knitters, not only will they be surprised by the massive amount of yarn to use, but they will also be amazed that their loved one knows a way to their heart.

The great thing about this yarn is that you have no use for needles, therefore, your knitter can thread with their hands. If they already have this item, it is still a super easy and fun DIY to make. I’m sure they would be so happy that you have gifted them this item. You know what they say, a handmade gift goes a long way!

2. Personalized Tags

If a knitter you know is wanting to start a business but they have yet to start, the best way to support them is to gift them in any way that will help them start small.

Small items such as personalized tags are very endearing, not only that but it shows that you are on board whether it is their ambition or just a hobby.

Labels are usually ¾” wide, they come in a range of fonts and colors with icons. There is no gift too big or too small for knitters! You can also find other products to support your knitter’s endeavors – there are many sources online that list the best products and reviews.

3. Knitting Basket

A knitting basket is ideal. Like I’ve mentioned, knitters usually have an abundance of yarn, therefore, gifting a basket just for their items would be enough.

Not only does storage make your space feel clean and efficient, but it gives a certain aesthetic to the idea of knitting. If a basket is an item that they already have, well a good thing is that every knitter needs at least a tote. A travel-sized tote is a great option as well.

Your friend does not have to knit alone anymore – even if that is something they choose – but with a travel-sized tote, they can travel with you and knit while you’re either enjoying a movie, catching up, or doing a fun activity together. If they are a pun type of person, a tote embroidered with a cute pun works well for a quirky knitter.

Here are some of our favorite knitting basket options that would make great gifts:

4. Glow In The Dark Needles

When you’re thinking about gifts for the knitter who has everything, glow in the dark needles might be the one item your knitter doesn’t have. I was surprised myself, but the technology works for all groups of people.

If you’re interested in this item, there is one pair of 13inch battery-operated needles. Not only are these needles used for late hours at night, but they are also useful for dark fabric. Now knitters can get into those nooks and crannies!

5. Digital Row Counter

If your loved one is somewhat forgetful, a digital row counter might help this tiny mishap. If a knitter forgets what row or stitch they are on, a digital row counter can help them keep track.

If they use this while they knit and remember to keep track, then they can never lose their spot again. This could be a dream come true.

6. Vintage Knitting Scissors

Vintage Knitting scissors are gorgeous and timeless. They are not too flashy, but if your knitter does enjoy flashy items then there are a variety of vintage scissors with ornate designs. These knitting scissors are stainless steel, sharp, sturdy, and light enough to carry in a knitting tote bag as well.

7. Mini Collapsible Scissors

If vintage scissors are too big, mini collapsible scissors are also a way to go. Since they collapse it is very easy to fold and put away. If your loved one has kids, it is also great for out of reach and safety circumstances.

Overall, they are light and easily accessible for those who need that quick fix while they knit.

8. Hitomi Shida - Japanese Knitting Bible

Sometimes your favorite knitter might be bored of all the amazing designs they have already done. However, there is more than what meets the eye. For instance, there is a well-known Japanese knitter who has a tell-all book for the right crowd.

Hitomi Shida has beautiful and original designs that will have a knitter wanting to explore more designs that are out there. If this catches your eye, then the Japanese Knitting Bible is the right pick for your crafty loved one.

9. Vogue Knitting Book

Vogue Knitting is another helpful and wonderful book about knitting. The book is a game-changer with over 1,500 sections of colors, designs, and techniques.

This is the perfect gift to inspire your knitter and it is a simple yet effective gift. When you’re considering gifts for the knitter who has everything, I bet Vogue Knitting is not in their collection!

10. Knitting Subscription Box

A knitting subscription box can be a nice surprise for your knitter friend. You can find a subscription box with a 3-month, 6 month or 12 month plan that provides unique knitting supplies and patterns.

A box like this can spice up your knitter’s routine and be a gift they can look forward to every month. Plus, it wouldn’t be a small, specific gift but a bundle of gifts!

Here’s a few ideas of great subscription boxes for knitters:

11. Yarn Cutter Pendant

Everyone loves jewelry! If it’s going to help with their knitting – that’s an added bonus!

12. A Knitting Inspired Mug

Everyone likes to have a cuppa while knitting and crafting. Might as well get your knitting friend a special knitting inspired mug to enjoy their favorite warm drink in.

13. A Knitting Themed Tshirt

If you think the knitter in your life would like to show the world their love for knitting, then they’ll surely appreciate a t-shirt like any of these:

14. A Neck Light

Every knitter needs good light and these neck lights are perfect for lighting up your personal area whether it be for knitting, crafting, reading or anything else.

There are plenty of amazing gift ideas you can give to your loved ones – even gifts for the knitter who has everything! New trends happen every day so don’t lose faith in finding the perfect gift. For an avid knitter, the key is to gift them with items that can make their knitting process smoother and easier.

Knitting accessories and books are great to consider as well. Good luck with finding the best gift for your knitter. I’m sure whatever you find they will love it regardless!